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Top 10 Ilfering Quotes

#1. A pause came between them, and it was so full of Akiva that Karou imagined she could smell him.

Laini Taylor

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#2. Like an eagle, dude. Like a freaking bald-assed eagle.

Victoria Scott

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#3. It is my great misfortune that I have to measure your love by the money gifts you give for Daridranarayana.

Mahatma Gandhi

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#4. I don't know too many people who, when the TV announcer says, 'Viewer discretion is advised', then turn the TV off. Those are code words for, 'Turn the sound up; this is gonna be really good.'

Dan Gilroy

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#5. There is magic in every world, you just have to learn to recognize its essence.

Marie Hall

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#6. Back in the Aerie she popped her lips percussively as she examined her booty. 'P-ilfering P-adgett's P-ockets Pr-oduces P-ossible P-ath to ... to - ' Well, clues and shit.

Steven Gould

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#7. I damned myself for my earlier romanticism. That Croaker who had come north, so thoroughly bemused by the mysterious Lady, was another man. A stripling, filled with the foolish ignorances of youth. Yeah. Sometimes you lie to yourself just to keep going.

Glen Cook

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#8. In an age that seems to be increasingly dehumanized, when people can be transformed into non-persons, and where a great deal of our adult art seems to diminish our lives rather than add to them, children's literature insists on the values of humanity and humaneness.

Lloyd Alexander

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#9. The most dangerous untruths are truths slightly distorted.

Georg C. Lichtenberg

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#10. It was a feeling in the crisp twilight air; it was a hush across the hills. The ghosts were gathering themselves, building up their strength to wander the fields of October and speak to those who would listen.

Robert McCammon

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