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Top 15 Ik Brunel Quotes

#1. I try to use public transport, always.

Theo James

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#2. Men are not disturbed by things, but by the views which they take of them

Albert Ellis

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#3. We're risking the future of the net. People are already losing their trust. Once you get burned once - somebody steals your credit card, or makes a purchase on your account - people tend to stay away from online commerce and from trusting online services.

Mikko Hypponen

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#4. The great cause of revolutions is this, that while nations move onward, constitutions stand still.

Thomas B. Macaulay

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#5. This resembles the slow discipline of art: it's the work that Rembrandt did, that Picasso and Yeats and Rilke and Bach did. Bucket work implies much more discipline than most men realize.

Robert Bly

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#6. Sport has given me drive and discipline. It also taught me to remain humble.

Charlene, Princess Of Monaco

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#7. Those who believe that where great personages are concerned new favors cause old injuries to be forgotten deceive themselves.

Niccolo Machiavelli

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#8. I'm not what I am, I am who I am.

Jayson Engay

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#9. Once we step out of the picture which we have made ourselves part of, if only temporarily, our life changes.

Art Hochberg

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#10. There was a big difference between Ron Paul and me when it came to the 'no.' His 'no' was philosophical. It was reasoned. It was right. My 'no' actually put a stop to legislation. It cut spending. Mine carried further than just no.

Gary Johnson

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#11. Apartheid does not happen spontaneously, like bad weather conditions.

Jonathan Kozol

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#12. Pandemic influenza is by nature an international issue; it requires an international solution.

Margaret Chan

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#13. I'm in love. Don't ask me how it's possible. It's just not in character; my nightmare-ridden, stubborn, melancholy character. And yet, it's

Susan Sontag

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#14. Faith transforms the whole person precisely to the extent that he or she becomes open to love.

Pope Francis

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#15. Every human heart cries and yearns for the same thing: a chance to fulfill his or her own dreams and desires. Even the poorest man has a dream.

Myles Munroe

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