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#1. I've always felt you unearth story, like you're on an archeological dig.

Andrew Stanton

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#2. The thing about the human race is, It turns up against everything or everyone that it loses its faith and belief on. And the saddest thing to witness is, Most of it have lost its faith towards humanity.

Akshay Vasu

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#3. Most writers are perfectly normal in the head and just carry on like wild men; I behave normally but I'm sick inside.

Yukio Mishima

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#4. To be always doubting your ability to get what you long for is like trying to reach east by traveling west.

Charles Baudouin

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#5. Life is a kind of Chess, with struggle, competition, good and ill events.

Benjamin Franklin

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#6. I just lost the near stuff, around me. (But I will feel the disko...)

Deyth Banger

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#7. As long as you put on a jersey, no matter what kind of jersey it is, as long as you're supporting the game of basketball, I enjoy it.

Dwyane Wade

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#8. I know someone who has never been able to read _The Cuckoo Clock_ since leaving her girlhood home, because it had to be read sitting halfway up the stairs, where the light through a stained-glass landing window fell on it, staining the pages red and blue and green.

Rosemary Sutcliff

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#9. There are things in life, though, which, however we look at them, are valid for everyone. Like love, for example.

Paulo Coelho

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#10. There are secret opportunities hidden inside every failure.

Sophia Amoruso

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