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#1. He seemeth to be most ignorant that trusteth most to his wit.


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#2. I believe everything to be just when a king ordains it.

Pierre Corneille

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#3. He that avoideth not small faults, by little and little falleth into greater.

Thomas A Kempis

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#4. The great concern is that year after year, rising numbers of journalists are being killed in pursuit of their work. They are increasingly seen as not being neutral but rather as combatants by one side or the other.

Salman Rushdie

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#5. I cannot write about Venice; I can only write about me, and the sleeping parts of myself that Venice has shocked into wakefulness.

Jessica Zafra

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#6. I make fun of people who are religious, because they're fundamentally weak.

George Carlin

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#7. I am uncertain whether I took my first steps on clay soil or sand, but I know I have long wondered if home is the place from which we come or the place we are headed.

Christie Purifoy

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#8. Every grace and every virtue proceeds from God alone, and that not even a good thought can come from us except it be of Him.

A.W. Tozer

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#9. I'm against endings. I'm against things being over. Being finished should be stopped! I am Comrade-in-Chief of going on. I support furthermore and etcetera!

Sasa Stanisic

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#10. Leadership is obliged to justify itself daily.

Isabel Paterson

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#11. English is weak in describing emotional states or intensities of interpersonal relationships.

Rita Mae Brown

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