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#1. Love is yet another name for Respect. If you cannot respect a person for what they are; you can never ever truly, madly, or deeply love that person. - Author: Nikita Dudani
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#2. But if you grow up in a society which is rotten to the core, where you can cheerfully ignore the rules if you have power and status, where your superiors will screw you over if they happen to need a scapegoat . . . you wind up with very little respect for those rules. - Author: Christopher G. Nuttall
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#3. Nabir came out to drive the children away, but she stopped him. "I like to be friendly she said."
"But they are not your friends," said Nabir. "You don't know them."
"Respect first," Nabir would have said if he could have explained, "friendship after. - Author: Rumer Godden
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#4. If you treat your employees with respect, they return it right back. - Author: M. Clarke
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#5. Many people make the mistake of expecting others to treat them in a more loving and respectful way than they treat themselves. If you don't love yourself, stop expecting others to. If you don't respect yourself, stop expecting others to. - Author: Steve Maraboli
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#6. Speak to them as if you were on stage in front of thousands of people. Respond to them with the respect they deserve. They are our future. Guard your tongue. Be brave enough to try harder.
Let's create a childhood that our children won't have to recover from. - Author: Brooke Hampton
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#7. True respect means taking other people's beliefs seriously and assuming they are adult and intelligent enough to be able to cope with it if you tell them, clearly and civility, why you think they are totally, utterly and disastrously wrong. - Author: Julian Baggini
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#8. You cannot talk to people successfully if they think you are not interested in what they have to say or you have no respect for them. - Author: Larry King
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#9. Talent has no gender. People are hiring young male directors right out of film school, off of a student film or off of a film at Sundance for millions of dollars. You can do the same with a female. It's not a risk about the work if you respect the film that they made. - Author: Gina Prince-Bythewood
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#10. I'll work with a director if I think I'm going to get into a comfortable situation, and if it's someone I respect and who respects me, even if they're not so well known. Movies are hard to make, and you have to work toward a common ethic and do your best. - Author: Robert De Niro
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#11. There are people who die and, with all due respect, you don't lose anything. But he was one of those that when they're gone you feel it. As if the whole world had become, from one day to the next, a little heavier. - Author: Alessandro Baricco
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#12. No matter who the character is and how big their role, that each person in the story is a human being and deserves respect. Even if they're in the story for ten seconds, I didn't want you to just see them as this entity passing through that's serving all of the other people. - Author: Clive Owen
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#13. As a politician, you have to deal with someone wanting you to fail every day. I think I prefer being in a situation where generally people are rooting for me, and if they aren't rooting for me, they aren't out there to see my downfall. I respect the people who have the stomach for it. - Author: John Legend
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#14. I respect my parents' opinion very much. No matter how old you are, what your parents think is very important. If they like your boyfriend or if they like some work you've done. And if they don't, it's more shattering than anybody else telling you, because they're the most honest. - Author: Olivia Newton-John
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#15. If they're from the village, you take them to the inn. If they're from the city, you treat them with respect when they are beautiful and throw them on the highway when they are dead. - Author: Voltaire
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#16. I respect your right to hold your religious beliefs, and if they help you, I think that's great. I would, however, like to inform you that you are a raving kook. - Author: Scott Dikkers
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#17. I don't think writers are sacred, but words are. They deserve respect. If you get the right ones in the right order, you might nudge the world a little or make a poem that children will speak for you when you are dead. - Author: Tom Stoppard
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#18. A hypocritical etiquette forces us to pretend that the Jews are powerless victims; and if you don't respect their victimhood, they'll destroy you. - Author: Joseph Sobran
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#19. A war on cops? Then the question becomes who are they warring with? Because if you look at the prison system you can tell who the Prisoners of War are. The Black Man. Words are powerful and we must stop these divisive words that tare our country further apart instead of bringing us together. - Author: Bobby F. Kimbrough Jr.
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#20. Do not fear adversity. Remember, a kite rises against the wind rather than with it. People are not willing to take risks when they feel afraid or threatened. But if you manage people by love-that is, if you show them respect and trust-they start to perform up to their real capabilities. - Author: Jan Carlzon
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#21. Words are sacred. They deserve respect. If you get the right ones, in the right order, you can nudge the world a little. - Author: Tom Stoppard
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#22. I remember the evacuee children from towns and cities throwing stones at the farm animals. When we explained that if you did that you wouldn't have any milk, meat or eggs, they soon learned to respect the animals. - Author: Mary Wesley
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#23. Above all, such sports as judo, in my view, teach people to relate to each other. They teach us to respect a partner, teach us to understand that an externally weak partner can not only put up worthy resistance, but, if you relax and take too much for granted, may even win. - Author: Vladimir Putin
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#24. If you want to be a screenwriter, take an acting class to get a sense of what you're asking actors to do. Learning other skills will help you communicate with people and respect what they do. - Author: Tina Fey
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#25. Hip-hop is more about attaining wealth. People respect success. They respect big. They don't even have to like your music. If you're big enough, people are drawn to you. - Author: Jay-Z
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#26. I call horses 'divine mirrors' - they reflect back the emotions you put in. If you put in love and respect and kindness and curiosity, the horse will return that. - Author: Allan Hamilton
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#27. If they're not going to respect you, then they best damn well fear you. - Author: Carroll Bryant
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#28. Once you've proved to [the players] that you can help them become better players, you've earned their respect. They respect if you've achieved at a high level in this league, but that's not what they respect you for as a coach. - Author: Brendan Daly
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#29. If you love someone, allow them the freedom to grow. If you respect and admire them, work harder to be like them. Because if you don't, you might be the one wondering why they're the success story and you're just a shadow in their spotlight - Author: Jes Fuhrmann
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#30. Listen, the Latin people, I love the Latin people. They are so loyal to you. Even if you haven't been on TV for thirty years, they still love you. And they cherish you and give you respect. You're not fast food in the Latin market. - Author: Erik Estrada
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#31. Men cheat. They lie. They love porn. The don't respect you and don't care if they hurt you. It's the fucking breaks. Women divorce 'em 'cause we can't tame 'em or train 'em or control 'em like we do household pets. End of story. - Author: Terry McMillan
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#32. If they respect the craft and what we're doing and they bring something to the table and they work hard, I don't care what you do as your side job or as your day job. - Author: Anthony Anderson
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#33. However, if you don't agree with their lifestyle, they spread the most hate. It is so hypocritical it makes my stomach turn. They need to learn how to respect others' opinions and not just jump to the conclusion that everyone who doesn't support homosexuality and gay marriage is homophobic. - Author: Bristol Palin
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#34. If you raise a child to love, respect and believe in themselves . They will never accept anything less from someone else. - Author: J.S. Edwards
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#35. If you respect your teacher, you do better. Respect is only good because it will help you. Real liberated people, what can you do for them? They've got everything. They are everything. They don't need to be worshipped or adored. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#36. Communicate with your fans or customers. They know we live in an ever changing world. If you tell them what you are thinking and why you are doing what you do, as I did with my blog regarding Nash leaving, they will respect and support you more. - Author: Mark Cuban
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#37. If you have some respect for people as they are, you can be more effective in helping them to become better than they are. - Author: John W. Gardner
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#38. Talk to people in their own language. If you do it well, they'll say, 'God, he said exactly what I was thinking.' And when they begin to respect you, they'll follow you to the death. - Author: Lee Iacocca
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#39. We have to unclutter our brains from worries that maybe people don't like us. Women tend to worry about popularity; it doesn't matter if they like you. They need to respect you. They need to show that respect for you in your pay check. And that needs to be okay. - Author: Mika Brzezinski
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#40. When you serve your mother and father it is okay to try to correct them once in a while. But if you see that they are not going to listen to you, keep your respect for them and don't distance yourself from them. Work without complaining. - Author: Confucius
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#41. If you feel dirty, insignificant or unloved, then rats are a good role model. They exist without permission, they have no respect for the hierarchy of society, and they have sex 50 times a day. - Author: Banksy
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#42. People do not respect music anymore ... They go by what's hot ... If you're hot, you deserve 4 or 5 Grammys ... Madonna is a genius and she only has 2 or 3 Grammys ... What is that about? - Author: Timbaland
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#43. We're all people", he said simply. "It doesn't matter if you're two, thirty-two, or ninety-two. Everyone wants to be treated with respect. Everyone wants to feel like they matter in this world. - Author: Megan McCafferty
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#44. In the US everybody is about what's new and what's next and they don't really build a real loyalty as much as in Europe - if you were ever good and they liked you, they will treat it with the respect that it still matters. - Author: Rob Zombie
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#45. If people treat you like shit, you treat them like shit right back. They won't like it, but they'll respect it. It's a lonely road. Although, truth be told, I enjoyed being alone. Life was much clearer. - Author: Tijan
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#46. Television is a very writer-driven business, and it's one of the few parts of entertainment where writers are treated with respect, only because they need you. If they didn't have to treat you with respect, they would be happy to dismiss you. - Author: Mitchell Hurwitz
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#47. people can respect someone without love but its not possible to love someone without respect and if its so easy to cheat beloved then its not respect.and if not respect then there is no love.so if person whom you trust lots if cheat on you then accept they don't love you - Author: Mohammed Zaki Ansari
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#48. -Appointments? You can't be serious. With all due respect, they have the cognitive capacity of chimpanzees right now.-

-And if we want to change that, we will start treating them as human beings, not a mob of apes.- - Author: Neal Shusterman
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#49. I might respect you as a brilliant intellect, runner, musician or juggler. But respect your BELIEFS? Only if they're supported by evidence. - Author: Richard Dawkins
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#50. If an artist knows you have respect for their talent - which I have to feel to my core, to sign them - they know that you're in their corner. That doesn't mean you have to be 'mum' on everything; it doesn't mean you can't raise your voice. - Author: Clive Davis
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#51. A successful collaboration is all about trust and respect. If you show people trust they will perform better. - Author: Oh Land
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#52. You've gotta respect everybody. If they race hard against you, you've got to race hard against them. It's very simple; if there's respect both ways, there's no problem. - Author: Juan Pablo Montoya
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#53. As Eleanor Roosevelt observed, "No one can hurt you without your consent." In the words of Gandhi, "They cannot take away our self respect if we do not give it to them. - Author: Anonymous
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#54. In the UK a lot of people don't like to try. There's a different cultural thing. Here [in USA] if you try and fail, you get up again and start again and keep going. People respect you for it. Even if you keep failing, they respect the tenacity. - Author: Eddie Izzard
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#55. As a chef, you need to respect your guests and their needs. If they decide that they want to eat certain things and not eat others, if for religious reasons or just decide they don't want to eat certain ingredients, you have to respect that. - Author: Joel Robuchon
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#56. Have you no respect for the past? For what was thought and believed by your foremothers?"
"Why, no," she said. "Why should we? They are all gone. They knew less than we do. If we are not beyond them, we are unworthy of them - and unworthy of the children who must go beyond us. - Author: Charlotte Perkins Gilman
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#57. They say nice guys finish last. That may be true, if the only people you're nice to are the ones who constantly disrespect you. - Author: Charles F. Glassman
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#58. My experience on this planet is that if you treat people with respect, they tend to treat you with respect. - Author: Hamza Yusuf
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#59. You have to respect your parents. They are giving you an at-bat. If you're an entrepreneur and go into the family business, you want to grow fast. Patience is important. But respect the other party ... My dad and I pulled it off because we really respect each other. - Author: Gary Vaynerchuk
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#60. Psychology is as important as substance. If you treat people with respect, they will go out of their way to accommodate you. If you treat them in a patronizing way, they will go out of their way to make your life difficult. - Author: Mohamed ElBaradei
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#61. If you allow someone to be disrespectful to you today, they'll be disrespectful to you tomorrow also, and the day after that, and the day after that and so on. - Author: Sarvesh Jain
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#62. If they don't respect you, respect yourself and leave that situation. - Author: Mohammad
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#63. I truly respect the people who are working. If they want an autograph from Patti LaBelle, they are going to get it. I have never separated myself from them. I never think you are better than the next one. - Author: Patti LaBelle
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#64. I think if you car enough about someone to have sex with them, then you should care enough to respect them and not treat them as an object. You should be responsible and careful and never, ever hurt them. Even if they're fucked up enough to beg you to. - Author: Sylvain Reynard
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#65. It's all about educating people to value you as much a they value themselves. If you respect your time, others will too. - Author: Sharon Law Tucker
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#66. Remember, if you keep living your life on your terms,people can mock you all they want, but they'll respect you in the end - Author: Cassidy Calloway
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#67. I do get recognized, but I must say Edinburgh is a fantastic city to live if you're well-known. There is an innate respect for privacy in Edinburgh people, and I also think they're used to seeing me walking around, so I don't think I'm a very big deal. - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#68. If you respect the audience enough, they can take onboard many things. - Author: Nick Park
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#69. You have to respect your enemy. Never, ever underestimate them. The second you do, they'll squash you. Be smart about them. Respect their abilities, even if they don't respect yours. - Author: James Patterson
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#70. Grandfather had a saying: If you know a lot, know enough to make people respect you. If you are stupid, be stupid enough so they can pity you. - Author: Camron Wright
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#71. Now tell me, what does that mean to be noble? Your title gives you claim to the throne of our country, but men don't follow titles, they follow courage. Now our people know you. Noble, and common, they respect you. And if you would just lead them to freedom, they'd follow you. And so would I - Author: William Wallace
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#72. You can't tell your kids to read if you're just watching television. They have to see you read. And in that respect, I think it's important to walk the walk. It's a wonderful shared time. - Author: Gary Ross
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#73. It's really how you deal with people. Do people respect you? Are you honest with people even if it's something they don't want to hear? Anyone in Hollywood will tell you I'm extremely up front and honest almost to a fault. - Author: Ving Rhames
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#74. You have to fight for respect. In life, even cashiers at the supermarket, if they're women, they're differently treated. It's a reality. The reality is not nice; it's not pretty. - Author: Isabel Coixet
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#75. This is your house...If they don't respect you here, they won't respect you anywhere. - Author: James S.A. Corey
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#76. Look, if I don't flirt with you, you should take that as a compliment. I don't always respect myself, but I almost never respect men. They're like flowers all showy, a lot of color and lust. You pick them and throw them on the ground. But you I respect. I always did. From the first day I saw you. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
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#77. I think guns are just a symbolic substitute for male genitalia, and I'm okay in that respect." "Fine. If they get in the house, you can whack them with your genitals. - Author: J.A. Konrath
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#78. If you respect people, and you pay them well, they will do anything for you - Author: Marcus Lemonis
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#79. Kids should feel afraid of 'Doctor Who.' All the adults I've talked to remember fondly being afraid when they were kids. That's part of the reason they remember it and love it. And if you're afraid in a controlled way, you sort of appreciate fear in some respect. - Author: Matt Smith
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#80. It's easy to see why pitchers respect McGwire. If you hit behind him, they're saying that they don't respect you. You have to change their thinking. - Author: Eric Davis
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#81. If you truly have character and respecting others is your core value, you respect everybody regardless of who they are, what they believe and how they behave... - Author: Assegid Habtewold
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#82. You treat a kid with respect and as an adult you talk to them as if they're smart people. But you don't throw at them the trappings of adulthood and you know, the darker stuff. - Author: Dave Eggers
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#83. If anyone asks for your autograph they're showing you respect and give it back to them. - Author: John Lydon
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#84. When you have fans who are hassling you the entire game and you ignore them, they respect you because their job is to try and distract you. And if they don't distract you, that means you're focused on doing your job. And who knows, by the end, sometimes you even win them over. - Author: Robert Griffin III
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#85. If you look at the world's top 50 drugs being sold today, they are being marketed and sold by companies that did not invent them. I respect patents. I'll pay a royalty. But I shouldn't be denied the right to produce drugs for poor people at reasonable prices. - Author: Yusuf Hamied
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#86. All they expect from you is your best effort. These Marines think that they are special. They are very well trained, very close knit, and they don't like outsiders. If you want their respect, you will have to earn it. - Author: Bruce H. Norton
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#87. Can't nobody make us do a thang once we git hard against it. And if anybody don't like that, you don't have to explain a thang to'm. All you got to say is, 'I'm Charlotte Simmons, and I don't hold with thangs like 'at.' And they'll respect you for that. - Author: Tom Wolfe
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