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Top 9 Idk About You Quotes

#1. The ability to live for five hundred years would be an incredible gift. But I greatly fear it would be a gift only for the wealthy - one that might greatly widen the gap between those with access and those without. - Author: Ann Leckie
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#2. I am deeply committed to the cause of Indigenous Australians, and not just because of the Apology, but the big challenges which lie ahead in closing the gap. - Author: Kevin Rudd
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#3. Sometimes it's good just to be seduced by the particular cheeses spread out in front of you on a cheese counter. - Author: Nigella Lawson
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#4. We must not again underestimate the Japanese. - Author: Chester W. Nimitz
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#5. Busy, curious, thirsty fly, Drink with me, and drink as I. - Author: William Oldys
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#6. Sometimes I watch myself fly. For in the history of human flight it is not yet so very late; and a man may still wonder once in a while and ask: how is it that I, poor earth-habitituated animal, can fly? - Author: Wolfgang Langewiesche
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#7. I think how you start the day many times determines what kind of day you're going to have. - Author: Joel Osteen
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#8. I will criticize President Obama on this level: it's a good thing I'm not president because I would prosecute every person that was involved in that torture. I would prosecute the people that did it. I would prosecute the people that ordered it. Because torture is against the law. - Author: Jesse Ventura
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#9. I don't have any desire to ever act again full time. - Author: Jodie Sweetin
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