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Top 12 Idiocracy Upgrade Quotes

#1. I think one of the reasons I've done so much period work is because I feel so depressed by how society chooses to represent women in contemporary work. - Author: Romola Garai
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#2. Pretty much every day consists of me trying to save the world. - Author: Lisa Bedrick
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#3. Intelligence is not found when you have a plan, rather it's measured when you have no clue what you're doing. - Author: Charlie 'Gale'
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#4. For me, the movement has to be bigger than just a record. For me, a movement represents like taking over the world. - Author: Miley Cyrus
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#5. When I walked out on the mound, I felt enclosed. You see, I'd been used to playing on pastures, where when somebody hit a ball you had to stop it from rolling. Well, this field had fences around it. - Author: Ted Lyons
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#6. It's not that the grass is greener on the other side, it's that you can never be on both sides of the lawn at the same time. - Author: Laura Fraser
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#7. Obama's people will all often complain about how trivial and silly the media is, but there's no president who's probably benefited from this sort of trivialness or superficial nature as President Obama. - Author: Michael Hastings
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#8. When I came to the industry, many directors like Krishna Vamsi and Puri Jagannath had encouraged me a lot. Krishna Vamsi is my mentor, and I admire him. That's why I give chances to new directors. - Author: Ravi Teja
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#9. If there were gods, how could I endure not to be a god? Therefore there are no gods. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#10. Zombies don't run. - Author: Simon Pegg
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#11. We have a president who apparently loves instability and revolution, and that is the antithesis of those two words, Social Security. - Author: Glenn Beck
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#12. Once a vampire drinks another vampires blood they are connected to them forever - Author: Julie Plec
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