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Top 18 I Spy Movie Quotes

#1. At the end of the day, I like the spy genre, as opposed to the action movie genre, because spies are smart. The successful spies are the smarter spies.

Doug Liman

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#2. I once started a detective story to make money-but I couldn't get the murder to take place! At the end of three chapters I was still describing the characters and the milieu, so I thought, this is not going to work. No corpse!

Mary McCarthy

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#3. They make Spy Kids, they make Scream, they make A Scary Movie. This doesn't do that, so it could be a very bad marriage. I'm trying to keep this potential nightmare quiet because we're just finishing editing.

Terry Gilliam

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#4. A minimum-wage law is, in reality, a law that makes it illegal for an employer to hire a person with limited skills.

Milton Friedman

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#5. I always loved the idea of a spy movie and part of it came from my personal love of spy movies. It started when I was growing up as a little kid in the 60s.

John Lasseter

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#6. To me Truth is God and there is no way to find Truth except the way of nonviolence.

Mahatma Gandhi

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#7. I wrote three mysteries and then a contemporary spy novel that was unbelievably derivative - completely based on 'The Conversation,' the movie with Gene Hackman. Amazingly, the character in the book looks exactly like ... Gene Hackman.

Alan Furst

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#8. We are all in the business of sales. Teachers sell students on learning, parents sell their children on making good grades and behaving, and traditional salesmen sell their products.

Dave Ramsey

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#9. He always wanted to play video games," said Emma. "I hate video games."
"No one is perfect, Emma."
"But some people are perfect for each other. Don't you think that has to be true?

Cassandra Clare

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#10. If I could rub a genie and anything could happen? Truthfully, my other love, and this is a complete 180, but I'd love to do a spy or an espionage pic, like a James Bond movie.

Chris Diamantopoulos

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#11. I've always loved film, and since I knew I probably couldn't be a cowboy or a spy in real life, I thought I'd play one in a movie! I started doing theater in middle school and tested for 'Victorious' before being in an episode of 'iCarly.'

Spencer Boldman

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#12. My perception of making a movie before I started making movies was that it would be like 'Spy Kids'.

Katie Chang

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#13. The spy genre is something which, as a fan of movies, a movie geek myself, I just love that cinematic joy that they bring.

Pierce Brosnan

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#14. Alan Cumming was such a fun guy to watch. I remember he has a song in the first 'Spy Kids' movie, and when Danny Elfman came to set, they were working on the song.

Daryl Sabara

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#15. Getting shot was an experience that Elise ranked on the "unpleasantness" scale right around "trying to survive a week without coffee.

S.M. Reine

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#16. You make me sick. Because I adore you so..."
~Space Dementia

Matthew J. Bellamy

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#17. Eddie Murphy did '48 Hrs.' because that was the only movie offered to him. And he killed it. Bill Cosby did 'I Spy' because that was the TV show he was offered. But now, there are networks dedicated to comedy, and the Internet ... it's so easy for comedians to not do things that aren't true to them.

Jerrod Carmichael

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#18. Medicine cat' means nothing on its own, without an understanding of what should be done
which isn't always what you first think.

Erin Hunter

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