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#1. I don't want you to think I don't love my extended family. I do. I just don't want to be around them. Some of this is because I'm a loner. Some of this is because at family gatherings you are forced to face the short genetic distance between you and a clinically insane person. - Author: Jim Gaffigan
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#2. Getting a gay fan base is slow. I think if I were able to reach more gay people they would love it. I can't get the songs in their ears. I love my gay family. I just wish I could reach more of them. I'm in this car going from club to club but they're not gay clubs. - Author: Mary Gauthier
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#3. I love you more than anything on
this earth; more than anything in the universe. I love you more
than life, more than my family, and I love you more than I love
being with you in that way. - Author: Jamie McGuire
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#4. Canadians are friends and Quebecers are my family. What France knows deep down is that within this great Canadian people, there is a Quebec nation. I do not see how proving my family, brotherly love for Quebec should be strengthened by defying Canada. - Author: Nicolas Sarkozy
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#5. I guess in America we're so sold on this ideal of the perfect, well-adjusted family that is able to confront any conflict and, with true love and understanding, work things through. I'm sure they do exist, but I never knew any of them. - Author: Alan Ball
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#6. But at this moment, for me, family equals safety; Burn equals safety; love equals safety. And if I trust my heart, my instincts, my strength, I know I'll always be safe. - Author: Maureen McGowan
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#7. This, I think, is a little glimpse of what life could be like without my family. Home could be a place of laughter and love, a refuge. I'm filled with a terrifying weightlessness, like I've jumped off a cliff, but I know that if I don't look down, I'll be just fine. - Author: Heather Demetrios
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#8. Somebody once said that if many people had not read about romantic love and seen it on the screen, they would never look for it themselves. I believe this. And along with it I believe that if many people were not ashamed to be thought deficient in "family feeling" they would never have children. - Author: Sydney J. Harris
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#9. Believing there is no God gives me more room for belief in family, people, love, truth, beauty, sex, Jell-o, and all the other things I can prove and that make this life the best life I will ever have. - Author: Penn Jillette
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#10. I wish to you, joy and happiness. But above all this, I wish you love - Author: Whitney Houston
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#11. I love you more than myself, more than my own family, for Christ's sake. I don't want to take another step in this world without you next to me, - Author: Penelope Douglas
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#12. Men's bodies litter my family history. The pain of the women they left behind pulls them from the beyond, makes them appear as ghosts. In death, they transcend he circumstances of this place that I love and hate all at once and become supernatural. - Author: Jesmyn Ward
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#13. I don't love the phrase 'balancing work and family.' It sets up this idea of scales of justice with work on one side and family on the other side. - Author: Norah O'Donnell
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#14. I think that in any family - black, white, Chinese, Spanish, whatever - family is family. You know that there's dysfunction, and that there's this cousin who doesn't like this auntie. But, at the end of the day, like I say, love brings everybody together. - Author: Lauren London
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#15. Historically, I've done movies, but I've got a family already. I've been doing this for many years, and the idea of working consistently on something that I really, really love, and the steadiness of it, was really appealing. - Author: Sam Huntington
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#16. I can sit underneath the shed with all my family, my cousins, and everything, and just be like, "Yeah, this is what it's about - just sitting with people you love and hanging out." - Author: Channing Tatum
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#17. I have this necklace I always wear. I collect pendants from people I love; my best friends and members of my family have all given me one, and I put them on this chain so no matter where I am they're always with me. - Author: Lake Bell
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#18. Even though I don't have any kids of my own, I love this idea of family and taking care of things. - Author: Wayne Coyne
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#19. I hate this idea that you have to love somebody because they are your family. Nobody can tell me what I'm supposed to feel and who I am supposed to feel it for. - Author: Marc Jacobs
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#20. Marie, now Mme. Driscoll, turned to Berthe and smiled, as she used to when they were children. Once again, the smile said, Have I done the right thing? Is this what you wanted? Yes, yes, said Berthe silently, but she went on crying. - Author: Mavis Gallant
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#21. Everybody has the right to marry the person they love and be represented as a couple and family ... It's something that people will look back on in years to come and say, 'I can't believe it took so long for us to recognize this.' It'll be like segregation and giving women the right to vote. - Author: Julianne Moore
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#22. Do I raise the dead when I put him behind bars? Then what'll I do it for? We used to shoot a man who acted like a dog, but honor was real there, you were protecting something. But here? This is the land of the great big dogs, you don't love a man here, you eat him! - Author: Arthur Miller
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#23. He wasn't my boyfriend, he wasn't me husband, and he wasn't my friend. He was family. - Author: Kiera Cass
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#24. I love Jere more than anybody. He's my brother, my family. I hate myself for doing this. But when I see you two together, I hate him too." His voice broke.
"Don't marry him. Don't be with him. Be with me. - Author: Jenny Han
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#25. What I love about the stories of the Great Migration is that this is not ancient history; this is living history. Most people of color can find someone in their own family who had experienced a migration of some kind, knowing the sense of dislocation, longing and fortitude. - Author: Isabel Wilkerson
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#26. I could get through this. I would be strong because I was so close to achieving my dream of having my kids together. - Author: Abeba Habtu
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#27. I love and if someone I love is hurt I'll kill the attacker and no one else, that is love. I hate and if I hate I'll kill their whole family to bring pain to that person, that is hate, In this way I do not think love and hate are the same side of a blade - Author: Triste
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#28. What I want is irrelevant. This is your life, Faith. - Author: Diane Samuels
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#29. I love my 'Walking Dead' family. This is the best job I ever had. - Author: Laurie Holden
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#30. From those to whom much is given, much is expected. I have been given much - the love of my family, the faith and trust of the people of New York, and the chance to lead this state. I am deeply sorry that I did not live up to what was expected of me. - Author: Eliot Spitzer
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#31. I spend so much of my time working away, but I love being here. My family is in Somerset, and this is where my heart is. - Author: Charles Hazlewood
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#32. Chance looked up at him, her dark grey eyes out. 'I knew you were gonna be like this.'

'How'd you know?' Reaper said, reaching out and putting his arm around her shoulders.

'I am my father's daughter, ain't I?' said Chance
Reaper smiled. 'You sure as hell you are. - Author: Sean Black
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#33. Coming back to Guess is so natural for me; they're my family. I always love being back, and to be able to come home and be in Malibu across the street from my high school shooting this campaign is absolutely amazing and just feels like the right thing. - Author: Gigi Hadid
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#34. My husband says this longing for isolation is not a good quality, that if I wanted to be a hermit I should have moved to the West Coast and adopted a lot of cats, not gotten married and had children that demand to be fed several times a day. - Author: Anna White
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#35. This last year ... I learned something about family. Like it's not about blood alone. It's being connected ... it's growing up together and loving each other. It's believing in the same God and knowing you'd do anything for the person across from you at dinner. - Author: Karen Kingsbury
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#36. This principle applies to your family pet, for instance, which I believe are wonderful because they put you into a great emotional state. When you feel love for your pet, that's a great state of love that's going to bring goodness into your life, what a gift that is. - Author: James Arthur Ray
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#37. The fans know and the Cardinals know that I want to be a Cardinal for my whole career. I love this city. The way that this city has embraced me and my family. - Author: Albert Pujols
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#38. It's a messy business
being alive. But I'd rather have this short time with those I love than have an easy time. We forget about the things we saw that morning,and we choose to build a bigger sandcastle. - Author: Emm Cole
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#39. I guess we'll never know exactly what ... the reasons behind the losses we experience in this life. But being angry doesn't make them any less devastating. It only robs us of the happiness and love we can experience. Only forgiveness can set us free. - Author: Christene Houston
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#40. I got love from my family. I don't really need love from a paper, you know what I mean? I can't get too happy because somebody said something nice about me. I appreciate it, but let's not get it twisted - this is not changing my life. - Author: Chris Rock
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#41. Robot RHR14- "I have been with this human family through all their joys and tragedies, and if there was a tragedy in my existence, it was creating me in the first place. For they dared to give me the concept of Love and Compassion yet withheld my abilty to cry. - Author: Jay B. Cox
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#42. I am so touched at how my family has embraced my situation. They don't even know this child, and they already love her. - Author: Nia Vardalos
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#43. I don't accept subtractive models of love, only additive ones. And I believe that in the same way we need species diversity to ensure that the planet can go on, so we need this diversity of affection and diversity of family in order to strengthen the ecosphere of kindness - Author: Andrew Solomon
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#44. I am deeply saddened to hear that the man who murdered my brother, Michael Ensley, has been charged with murder again. I grieve for every family who has been victimized by this heinous individual. My prayers and love go out to the family of Demetra Doyle Heard during this trying time. - Author: Niecy Nash
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#45. I love Mary very much. I love her family very much. This is just an issue in which we disagree. - Author: Liz Cheney
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#46. I hated this love that I had for my family - love that demanded my time and energy, that sought to control my life down to every thought and action.
I now realize that it was not love but an unhealthy attachment, born out of a need for security and a sense of duty. - Author: Indu Muralidharan
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#47. His green-flecked brown eyes twinkle, and we laugh together, easy and light. He opens the door for me, and I say goodbye, floating over to where my family waits in our Winnebago. And I can't tell you if my feet actually touch the ground, because at this very moment, this Bird, well, she flies. - Author: Alecia Whitaker
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#48. Money means I can support my family and still do what I love. Not very many people can say that in this world, and not many writers can say that. - Author: Stephen King
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#49. I have assessed my happiness ratio and this is the result. I am totally content whenever the ones I love are happy about something little, big, insignificant, whatever. I just don't think anyone could possibly have the same wonderful, intense, compelling feelings that I have for this family of mine. - Author: Diane Keaton
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#50. I'm in love with a man who can't be honest with his family or anyone in his life outside of this penthouse. I desire a woman I barely know but crave more than I can understand. On top of that, the man I love wants her too, and it makes me want her more, if possible. How is any of this practical? - Author: Amelia LeFay
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#51. I love Matthew Broderick. Call me crazy, but I love him. We can only be in the marriage we are. We're very devoted to our family and our lives. I love our life. I love that he's the father of my children, and it's because of him that there's this whole other world that I love. - Author: Sarah Jessica Parker
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#52. C. albus ... I think the very loveliest of all the lily family,- a spotless soul, plant saint, that every one must love and so be made better. It puts the wildest mountaineer on his good behavior. With this plant the whole world would seem rich though non other existed. - Author: John Muir
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#53. I used to enjoy the spotlight. If I had a day off from filming, I didn't know what to do. Now I enjoy my family time so much, there is this sense of, if it all went away, and I was just a mom, I would love my life. - Author: Kim Kardashian
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#54. This is home, it's the only place I want to be, but at the same time everything familiar feels strange. It's the same as it ever was except without the people who most belong here. - Author: Jael McHenry
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#55. My mother's death supervened, and this was the greatest blow I had experienced in my life. I worshipped her ... I could not resign myself to the loss of a being on whom I counted to make invisible the unavoidable blemishes of my soul. - Author: Salvador Dali
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#56. My Best Friend and I have spent plenty of time together, despite me being in my First Ever Relationship. This is because friends should always come first. - Author: Holly Smale
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#57. This past year I grew up to know hunger, grief, darkness, fear. I began to understand how lonely you can feel even when all you want is to be alone. - Author: Susan Beth Pfeffer
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#58. I love kids, and I love having had this second chance to have a family. - Author: Michael Douglas
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#59. Before you were conceived, I wanted you. Before you were born, I loved you. Before you were an hour, I would die for you. This is the miracle of love. - Author: Maureen Hawkins
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#60. Open her heart to me, please, God. After the mess I've made of things, I can't do this on my own. - Author: Karen Kingsbury
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#61. I want to stress, this is the experience-growing up in a working-class family-that defined me and continues to define me. It's the core of my being. And it explains, incidentally, a good deal about my love of America. - Author: Geoff Dyer
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#62. I like to see a home like this, a home connected with people's thoughts and work, things they love. - Author: Dewitt Bodeen
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#63. I leave CNN with the utmost respect, love and admiration for the company and everyone who works here. This has been my family and shared endeavor for the past 27 years, and I am forever grateful and proud of all that we have accomplished. - Author: Christiane Amanpour
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#64. I can't love him. I don't. This feeling is not the selfish, grasping need that I've seen tear apart my family, writhing through heir hearts like worms through rotten apples. - Author: Rosamund Hodge
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#65. I like to feel that what I'm doing portrays this: a family where there is love between mother, father and the kids. It's a subject that is near and dear to me. - Author: Bil Keane
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#66. The only reason i love the courage of these individuals is that they take their family members as astray chicks, and the reason i don't want to belong to this category is because those chicks are far more important to me than trivial wealth and fame. - Author: Michael Bassey Johnson
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#67. You can not say you're unhappy because you have to travel, have to play this tournament, having to play sports ... You can't because you chose to play it and you love it. I'm tremendously grateful for the support I have received from my family and the close ones. - Author: Novak Djokovic
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#68. Respect elders; protect children. This I do believe. As a young man it is sometimes, in a charitable sense, difficult to shake the sentiment that every elderly person is my grandparent, and every child is my child. - Author: Criss Jami
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#69. I know I love my kids and I know they love me. I know I have beautiful friends and a great family, and I know I've been really blessed in this life. - Author: Patricia Arquette
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#70. I love my country. I love my guns. I love my family. I love the way it is now, and anybody that tries to change it has to come through me. That should be all of our attitudes. Cause this is America, and a country boy is good enough for me, son. - Author: Charlie Daniels
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#71. I have been running for so long. Since before all this even started. Even back in the Stilts, I was a runner. Avoiding my family, my fate, anything I didn't want to feel. And I am still racing now. From those who would kill me - and those who would love. - Author: Victoria Aveyard
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#72. Without this flock, I would be worthless. Without the people in this flock, I'd be empty. Without the people who started this flock, I'd be dead. - Author: Shannon A. Thompson
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#73. My birthday is a day when all I want is to bask in the love of my family and rarely accept offers for concerts and shows if they are to be held on this day. - Author: Kailash Kher
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#74. This is so weird. They're your brother and aunt."
"No, I understand. They're your family too." Rhys said. "They loved you and raised you. That's what family is, right? - Author: Amanda Hocking
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#75. Love and this close-knit family structure really helped to give me the confidence. To know that you have family to go back to is a help. It doesn't always happen biologically. Sometimes God gives you family in other forms, but I was very blessed. I have a very strong biological family. - Author: Lauryn Hill
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#76. I always love coming to Disneyland but celebrating my birthday here with my family, friends and the kids from YSA is really awesome!, this is a night I'll never forget. - Author: Miley Cyrus
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#77. I drove 3,500 miles this summer on our family holiday, we drove across 10 countries. I have driven across the United States four times. I love cars, I love being in cars, I think so do most people. I want to help and support those people who have that same kind of enthusiasm for driving that I have. - Author: Geoff Hoon
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#78. The ice cold fear I'd felt, not knowing if Wyatt was alive, pressed into the wall with other girls and surrounded by guys who were unspeakably brave, hit my body again in a wave. This was trauma - the gift that keeps on giving. - Author: Laura Anderson Kurk
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#79. And you, Mom. I loved you. You've asked if i felt and understood that you loved me. of course I did. And you know this. I loved your love because it kept me safe and happy and wanted, and it existed beyond words and hugs and eyes. - Author: Lisa Genova
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#80. I want my husband to lead me and our family. But in order for him to do that I must be willing to submit to his lead. This does not mean I surrender my opinions or input or wisdom ... it means I surrender my grip of control and selfish ways and trust him! - Author: Jennifer E. Smith
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#81. I wish you a strong heart and the love of family this afternoon. - Author: Helen Simonson
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#82. Son, I know you don't consider me family and that pain I'll take to my grave. Let me just tell you this though, never turn your back on somebody you love, you'll never forgive yourself. -Rick's Grandfather - Author: M.K. Schiller
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#83. I fell in love with you when I was ten years old because you were pretty and you weren't mean. And I would've died so many times in this life if it hadn't been for you ... my angel, my friend, my family, my hope, my joy, my love. - Author: Katy Regnery
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#84. I got to chase my dream for a while, see what it's like, but this - " He stood and swept his arms wide. "This, and my family, is worth any price. - Author: J.L. Langley
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#85. In one generation, my family went from extermination simply because of how they pray to God to this ridiculously privileged life I live today. So how can I not love America? - Author: Jerry Springer
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#86. Premeditated anger is a bitch. Instead of saying, "Next time he does this, I will ... ", say, "Next time he does that, I will show him more patience and more love. That's premeditative love. She's much sexier! - Author: Ace Antonio Hall
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#87. It wasn't until my late teens that I really got into soul music and then I was like 'Ooh, this is good!' You'd always here it at old family parties, like, Gladys Knight and I'd always love it but I didn't really get to know it and respect it until I was a bit older. - Author: Rebecca Ferguson
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