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#1. I recently have had a full hip replacement and a liver transplant, and I'm getting used to the medication. - Author: Evel Knievel
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#2. Public order is a fragile thing, and if you don't fix the first broken window, soon all the windows will be broken. - Author: James Q. Wilson
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#3. Moscow is a huge inspiration for me. I love what I find here, I love being here. - Author: Natalia Vodianova
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#4. I absolutely fell in love with Moscow. It's one of those places where you can't help but trip over history at every turn. It's a city of enormous contradictions. Within a few yards of Lenin's Tomb is some of the most expensive shopping in the world. - Author: Daniel Silva
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#5. I am Hualapai. We are located in Northern Arizona, at the Grand Canyon. We own the Skywalk area. - Author: Kiowa Gordon
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#6. They were going to look at war, the red
war, the blood-swollen god. - Author: Stephen Crane
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#7. Oh, yeah. I know Dizzy. For years he's been my buddy way, way, way back. Dizzy is one of the most astute guys and one of the most learned guys in the world and knows exactly what he's doing musically. - Author: Billy Eckstine
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#8. My biggest love is space. I completed 800 hours' space training in Moscow and I became the world's oldest man to go to the North Magnetic Pole. At 67, I also became the oldest man to reach 28,400ft on Everest without oxygen. - Author: Brian Blessed
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#9. I'm indebted to the teachers who shaped me - from the Sisters of St. Joseph at St. Croix Catholic elementary to the monks of St. John's in Minnesota to my professors at Georgetown. - Author: Denis McDonough
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#10. I love the dancers in the Bolshoi, but all of my Moscow friends are outside the company. A friend introduced me to Vika Gazinskaya, a well-known Russian designer. I met her group. The rest is history. - Author: David Hallberg
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#11. Alexsandr, the old warlord, trained me to think as well as kill. Elena taught me to hate. This woman? She is teaching me to . . . love. For her, for my sister, I will find peace for us if I have to kill everyone in the south of Moscow to achieve it. - Author: Jessica Clare
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#12. I have no plans to have any other home than Moscow. However, I love to travel, and I'm very comfortable in New York. In many ways, it reminds me of Moscow in its energy and drive. - Author: Mikhail Prokhorov
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#13. You can see. Seeing is believing. Seeing is the gift that keeps giving. It's much more engaging than being seen. - Author: Diane Keaton
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#14. I've completed half of my space training at Space City in Moscow. I love adventure, and I've been training in a centrifuge and MiG Fighter with a view to going into space and being a spokesman for space exploration! - Author: Brian Blessed
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#15. [ ... ]love strips the mask from each of us, and we must endeavor for those we love to put the mask on so that it can be taken off again. For if there is no mask to start with, there is no pleasure in removing it, is there? - Author: Kobo Abe
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