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#1. I've wrestled with reality for 35 years, and I'm happy, Doctor, I finally won out over it. - Author: Jimmy Stewart
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#2. Do you believe you'd finally be completely happy if you had a boyfriend? - Author: Paula Hendricks
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#3. What I love about Gaga is her story, where she came from. Before she made it, before anyone knew who she was, I knew who she was and, to see her finally make it, I was so happy. If we were to work together that would be cool. - Author: Janet Jackson
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#4. Well we've left behind the 200X's, and we move onto the 20XX's. Maybe that will finally make us feel like we're living in the future, rather than a media controlled slave state where an iPhone is worth substantially more than a human life. Happy new year. - Author: Yahtzee Croshaw
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#5. I don't know how long we stand there holding each other. It could be ten minutes, an hour, or a day. All I know is that when I finally let go, I can breathe. I can rest. I can live knowing that my baby girl is happy. Knowing that she felt my love. - Author: Cassia Leo
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#6. It doesn't take much to make me happy, but the simplest things are sometimes the hardest to get. But when if finally arrives, heaven help those who try to take it away from me. - Author: Jaime Reed
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#7. Her eyes burned, her muscles ached, but in some strange and secret place, she was happy to finally be doing something that wasn't just protecting herself, but protecting other people, too. - Author: Rachel Caine
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#8. Are you always trying to get somewhere other than where you are so that you can finally be happy? The truth is that all unhappiness is caused by denial of the present. - Author: Robert Anthony
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#9. From all these, then, they will be finally free, and they will live a happier life than that men count most happy, the life of victors at Olympia. - Author: Plato
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#10. Just me and the future, finally together. Now there was a happy ending I could believe in. - Author: Sarah Dessen
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#11. I know this guy. All his life he loved this girl who was perfect in every way but just when he finally convinced her to be his and they're deliriously happy, he went and messed everything up.
Henry to Elsie-book 5 - Author: June Gray
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#12. I am happy to have now as Danny finally a more difficult role, in which I can shoot and fight. - Author: James MacArthur
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#13. Life is all about that one day, when you finally decide to step up and do something which makes you happy, again. - Author: Sarvesh Jain
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#14. It's nice when people are happy to hear that you're still alive, rather than feeling like "Oh, finally he's dead?" - Author: Dave Grohl
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#15. My dad worked all sorts of jobs when I was growing up and finally ended up as a surveyor; my mum delivers meals to old folk around where we live. We didn't have much money when I was growing up, but I had a very happy childhood. - Author: Michelle Dockery
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#16. Well, my constituents are happy that the Republican Party has finally gotten off its duff, seeing that we do control the House and the Senate and the presidency, and taken up the issue of illegal immigration. - Author: Dana Rohrabacher
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#17. In the dream I was onstage and there were thousands of you goin' bananas for me, all laughing and clapping, celebrating your brains out, not because I was somethin' else up there, but because you were just so happy I was finally starting to get it. - Author: Buddy Wakefield
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#18. After 12 intense years of rock music, I was happy to get away from making a record and going out on a tour. When I did it, I wanted to feel inspired. After a while I finally had my fill working on other people's music, and I started coming up with music on my own and said, 'This could be for me.' - Author: James Iha
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#19. I'm at a place in my life right now where I'm very happy, very content. I'm finally OK with the idea of who I love, who I want to be with. - Author: Sheryl Swoopes
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#20. By now everyone knows that I picked Kentucky, and I am definitely happy with my decision and that it's all finally over. - Author: Nerlens Noel
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#21. I was battling depression, went through a really hard time in my marriage, and I used to cry myself to sleep. I went through years and years of pain and suffering, and finally got help. I feel so much better now, feel like a new person, so now I can be happy about it. - Author: Maureen McCormick
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#22. And then finally, I'm the commander, so I am fundamentally responsible for the lives of the other people on board and the health and longevity of the space station. I need to bring six people back happy, healthy and feeling like they've had the best six months of their life. - Author: Chris Hadfield
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#23. I was familiar with 'Addicted' for a long time, even prior to the movie, way before it got the greenlight. And when it finally got the greenlight, I was very happy to be a part of it. - Author: Tasha Smith
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#24. Finally, I'd like to thank my readers for staying with me all these years. I especially want to thank the ones who understand that the world isn't made up of happy endings, but messy, complicated, and untidy ones. - Author: Lisa Lutz
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#25. I will be happy when the way is rough, because it gives my patience a chance to grow. So I will let it grow, and not try to squirm out of my problems. For when my patience is finally in full bloom, then I will be ready for anything, strong in character, full and complete. (James 1: 2-4 NLT) - Author: Cherie Hill
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#26. We know if we could truly love, and be loved, and never lose love, we would finally be happy. - Author: John Eldredge
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#27. I'm the happiest I've been in a while.. So blessed and thankful for the future, for release and to finally be happy for those I loved.. - Author: Selena
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#28. The hunter and the mermaid were so different from each other that it seemed to them, finally, that they were exactly alike; and they lived together and were happy. - Author: Randall Jarrell
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#29. Do I?" he finally asks.

"Do you what?" I don't know what he's referring to.

"Do I make you happy?" Nate's gaze meets mine. He's heartbreakingly serious. "Am I enough for you? - Author: Cynthia Sax
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#30. Our relationship finally ended when he took to waking me up in the wee hours o the morning when he would go surfing. He thought it might be fun to have me come watch. "Fun for who?" I wanted to ask. i had never asked him to come to Happy Hour and watch me drink. - Author: Chelsea Handler
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#31. I finally realized the happy medium, 'honey blonde' was the correct color and line for me. - Author: Ann Sothern
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#32. I'm happy to be making my first appearance on air professionally. By that I mean I'm finally getting paid, which I know will be a great relief to my creditors. - Author: Jack Benny
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#33. The balance between the paralysing hurt of losing the people you love and the absolute glorious revelation of finding the one person that makes you happier than you've ever been. Someone who makes you so happy that you stare into your future and finally look forward to it. - Author: Beckie Stevenson
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#34. Everything will change in your life when you finally learn that you deserve SO MUCH BETTER - Author: Karen Gibbs
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#35. Now, are you happy? Have you finally achieved all you set out to do? What will you do next, little assassin, with no one left to see you?
- One Thousand Journeys of Al Akhar, various authors - Author: Marie Lu
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#36. All I wish is for you to be happy, that everything you aspire to achieve may come true and that, although you may forget me in the course of time, one day you may finally understand how much I loved you. - Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafon
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#37. Alex paused. 'I want you to be happy and I want you to be safe,' he said finally.
'I'm both those things with you. - Author: Sarah Alderson
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#38. I loved having my baby inside of me, but I was very happy when he was finally here. - Author: Marion Jones
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#39. Mr. Wickham was the happy man towards whom almost every female eye was turned, and Elizabeth was the happy woman by whom he finally seated himself - Author: Jane Austen
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#40. The number doesn't matter. If I got down to 070.00, I'd want to be 065.00. If I weight 010.00, I wouldn't be happy until I got down to 005.00. The only number that would ever be enough is 0. Zero pounds, zero life, size zero, double-zero, zero point. Zero in tennis is love. I finally get it. - Author: Laurie Halse Anderson
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#41. To be honest, I never really considered myself to be too much of an actress. So, whenever I get the chance to do music, I'm always, like, just in it. It's like, 'Oh my God, I finally get to do this. I'm so happy.' - Author: Ariana Grande
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#42. There were a million things, everything, I didn't know. I was stupid, the official descriptive phrase for happy. I took this thing I'm giving you back, this thing you gave me as the star we were waiting for finally emerged. - Author: Daniel Handler
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#43. Thank you. (Nykyrian)
For what? (Kiara)
For giving me a life worth living. I know I'm not worth it, and that I don't deserve it, but I swear to the gods I finally believe in that I will spend every moment I have left making you happy and trying to be worthy of you. (Nykyrian) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#44. That isn't how I see it, Amber. That isn't how I see it at all. It's just my life, and now that I have finally discovered what I must have to be happy, I'm willing to lay down my life for it. That's all.'
She smiled. 'That is all. You are right. And that is all that All ever is. - Author: Robin Hobb
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#45. Finally I'm really happy with the way I'm playing again after a couple of frustrating years. - Author: Lleyton Hewitt
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#46. Just resign yourself to the fact that you're going to be miserable so you can finally be happy. (It's a sound theory if you think about it hard enough.) - Author: Richelle E. Goodrich
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#47. You know the best thing about competition? There's this whole strategy game, and when it all works out its like solving that hard math equation. You finally get the answer and you're so happy. - Author: Shaun White
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#48. I, Kotoko Aihara ... Now Kotoko Irie ... have finally become Irie-kun's wife. And though this may seem like a happy ending, it is actually more of a happy beginning. - Author: Kaoru Tada
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#49. This has been my dream since I was a little girl. I've worked so hard for this moment, and its finally coming true and I couldn't be more happy. - Author: Pia Toscano
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#50. Doctor I've wrestled with reality for 40 years and I'm happy to say that I've finally won out over it. - Author: Mary Chase
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#51. It's true that my mom loved it when I played Joanie Cunningham in the musical 'Happy Days,' but I think she finally realized I am never going to do 'Oklahoma!' - Author: Christine Lakin
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#52. I'm so happy that we're finally hearing the stories and voices of women who make America. We do what we see, not what we're told, so an incomplete story of this country damages everyone. - Author: Gloria Steinem
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#53. He knew that his father had finally run hard enough and long enough to wear down the frontiers between the worlds, he had run clear out of his skin and into the arms of his wife, to whom he had proved, once and for all, the superiority of his love. Some migrants are happy to depart. - Author: Salman Rushdie
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#54. And I'm happy for me. Because I finally love who I am. - Author: Krista Ritchie
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#55. Living a happy life is my main priority. You guys may think I am selfish for "wasting my talent" by staying away from events for a bit, but I am finally at a comfortable place where I can honestly say, if you guys see me out on tour again it's because I am there to win, and I'm going to go 100%. - Author: Andy Irons
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#56. I'm quite happy there is a man in the world who can overcome my record, finally. - Author: Larisa Latynina
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#57. Being a hero to someone, even if it is a dog, is a feeling like no other. Though it can be frustrating, it can be the most rewarding thing to give someone a second chance at a happy life. - Author: Elizabeth Parker
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#58. I think I sort of blossomed, so to speak, around 17. I started to get hips and put on weight, which I was very happy about. And that's when I met this agent, who told me I had to lose 10 pounds. I said, 'You've got to be kidding me. I finally got it on - I'm not losing it!' - Author: Tricia Helfer
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#59. With marriage and fatherhood, I've finally found two fixed points in my life. They've taught me patience. They've also taught me that I don't need to feel guilty about being happy. My emotional seasons are less extreme. - Author: Pete Wentz
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#60. Finally, what I really want is to be happy in this moment, where the magic and miracles happen. Stay in the moment and all gifts are added as you breathe and take inspired action. - Author: Joe Vitale
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#61. You look beautiful. I'm so happy I finally agreed to go on this date with you." That makes me laugh. "Really? Were you being hounded relentlessly?" "Like you wouldn't believe," he says, raising his eyebrows. "It's been exhausting having to dodge your advances. - Author: Claire Contreras
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#62. Don't worry about me," I finally said. "Really. I'm more worried about you." And even more worried about where Graves is.
"Are you?" A fey smile lit his face, and I caught my breath. It was a shock to see him look so happy. "Well, then. - Author: Lilith Saintcrow
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#63. And for the first time since coming home, i'm completely happy. It's strange. Home ... to be here, in my technical house, and discover now someplace different ... Is it possible for home to be a person and not a place? ... For the two of us, home isn't a place. It's a person. And we're finally home. - Author: Stephanie Perkins
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#64. Be happy that after living so many lives, I finally found something to die for - Author: Stephenie Meyer
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#65. While not my personal favorite of the Disney princess films, 'The Little Mermaid' wins hands-down in my book for best Disney adaptation. Little girls waited for more than 150 years for Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Little Mermaid' to have a happy ending. Walt Disney finally gave it to her. - Author: Alethea Kontis
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#66. I spent many years of my life as an economist and demographer. I was finally distracted by writing my novels and poetry. I'm enormously happy that was the case. I feel that with writing I have found my metier. - Author: Vikram Seth
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#67. His smile wavers. I've been looking at him too long. 'Are you OK?' he says.
I nod, take a deep breath.
Then I lean over and kiss him. - Author: Emma Pass
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#68. I have to agree with Artforum publisher Charles Guarino: "It's the place where I found the most kindred spirits - enough oddball, overeducated, anachronistic, anarchic people to make me happy." Finally, - Author: Sarah Thornton
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#69. When I uploaded my very first video, I was just looking for something to make me happy. I was confused about what I was doing in my life and had earned a degree that I didn't really enjoy. With that video, I was finally doing something I was passionate about. So it was my way of self-medicating. - Author: Lilly Singh
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#70. Be content, Be grateful, Be loving, Be happy, and this lifestyle will not only change YOUR life, it will change OUR world. I finally grasped the true meaning of let go- let God. (An excerpt from Finding Inner Peace) - Author: Alice Hocker
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#71. I'm happy in the UK. I absolutely love it and I've finally got a great group of friends. I've got a lovely little flat and my work's here. - Author: Billie Piper
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#72. I always choose to remember the moment that was the best of Jeanne Cooper - those photos where she's in that wild dress triumphantly hoisting up the Emmy the night she finally won the damn thing. She was so proud, so happy. - Author: Corbin Bernsen
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#73. If you are not happy with something, you should change it. So I went to a lot of therapy, and finally, I am able to speak up for myself: You are going to hear me roar! - Author: Katy Perry
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#74. Happy families do have certain things in common. Today we finally have the knowledge to know what those things are. - Author: Bruce Feiler
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#75. I'm happy that I'm finally getting some lines in my face. I always looked too young for the kind of roles I wanted. It was constraining. My face didn't fit my innards until I reached 40. - Author: Sam Rockwell
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#76. Anxious to know, yet only too happy to ignore, we seek in what is, a remedy for what is not; and in what is not a relief from what is. Now the real, now illusion is our refuge; and the soul has finally no other resource but the true, which is her weapon
and falsehood, which is her armor. - Author: Paul Valery
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#77. I finally feel like I'm finding my way
and not just living day by day
I'm doing what I love
I'm going where I want to go
I'm being who I want to be
I'm happy
And you know what? I think everyone deserves to feel the same way. - Author: Connor Franta
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#78. I feel like a nineteen forties teenager at a Frank Sinatra concert! (On finally being published) - Author: Katrina D. Miller
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#79. In an interview, I lose control even of what I am, for it is the interviewer who edits me, finally, into what he thinks I am, and never have I been happy with someone else's version of my life after that person has spent an entire two or three hours fathoming it. - Author: Mark Helprin
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#80. Finally Victoria sighs and says, Julia, I'd be happy if you told me just enough of the facts so I could imagine it. So I could recreate it for myself. So I could imagine that I was really there. - Author: Eleanor Catton
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#81. Yes, yes, I'm very happy that I finally got through this match, beat No. 7 in the world. It's my best win so far. So I'm really happy the way I play today and felt really strong on the court physically, mentally. - Author: Daniela Hantuchova
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#82. Holden's point of view: 'I didn't say anything for the rest of the trip to Barker's house. Quintus kept talking until I could feel a vein twitching in my forehead. I had never been so happy to see Baker in my life than when his house finally came into view. - Author: Liz Schulte
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#83. Whether we are in a pleasant or a painful state depends, finally, upon the kind of matter that pervades and engrosses our consciousness and what we compare it to - better and we envious and sad, worse and we feel grateful and happy. - Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
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#84. And then all of a sudden, you're doing jumping jacks, you're happy, because Kane can talk. The Big Red Retard can finally speak. - Author: Dwayne Johnson
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#85. Real You is all you have, and all other paths are false. And in the best case, Real You is so happy to finally be recognized, it rewards you with Originality. - Author: Mary Karr
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