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#1. Guilt is only another way of avoiding informed action. - Author: Audre Lorde
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#2. You cannot find peace by avoiding life, Leonard. - Author: Michael Cunningham
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#3. She tied a robe around herself even though she had no intention of leaving her room - one could never be too careful about avoiding Peeping Toms in a new place. - Author: Charlie N. Holmberg
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#4. Virtue consisted in avoiding scandal and venereal disease. - Author: Robert Cecil
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#5. Part of avoiding thoughts about something was not encouraging opportunities for that something to makes itself felt. - Author: Kristin Cashore
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#6. There is little anyone can do with fanatics. Reasoning with them is a fool's errand. Avoiding them is mandatory. - Author: Bill O'Reilly
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#7. The phrase, 'You must die before you die,' is found in most of the world religions. If you don't learn how to die early, you spend the rest of your life avoiding failure. When you can free your True Self, the whole spiritual life opens up. - Author: Richard Rohr
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#8. There are ways of avoiding becoming tabloid fodder and therefore giving people license to pry into your private life. And there's a distinction between being an actor and being a celebrity. You may become a celebrity through acting, but you don't need to do so. - Author: Damian Lewis
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#9. I realized then why I was avoiding all the other patients. They were all potential mirrors. What I really feared wasn't the insanity of strangers. What I feared the most was my own disease. I was terrified I would catch a glimpse of myself in passing. - Author: Terri Cheney
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#10. Being busy is most often used as a guise for avoiding the few critically important but uncomfortable actions. The options are almost limitless for creating "busyness": - Author: Timothy Ferriss
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#11. You can get away from envy by enjoying the pleasures that come your way, by doing the work that you have to do, and by avoiding comparisons with those whom you imagine, perhaps quite falsely, to be more fortunate than yourself. - Author: Bertrand Russell
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#12. I'm not avoiding specifics, but I've always written songs from more of a global standpoint. - Author: William Beckett
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#13. For an infrequent action to become a habit, the user must perceive a high degree of utility, either from gaining pleasure or avoiding pain. - Author: Nir Eyal
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#14. As I was to learn, avoiding conflict causes conflict to seek you out. - Author: Gloria Steinem
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#15. I really am impressed that you have been shot so often. Really."
"Getting hit's not really that impressive," Wayne noted. "It don't take much skill to get shot. It's avoiding the bullets that's tough. - Author: Brandon Sanderson
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#16. I think we're avoiding the most important question here. What matters most. What means the most to men like us."
Conall growled at Billy Dunwich's sincere face. "I am not telling you if she swallows."
Dunwich smiled. "Just tell me if she's a good girl ... or if she's a very good girl? - Author: Shelly Laurenston
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#17. What I'm trying to say is that I spent the last four months learning to be alone, avoiding the world, hating pretty much anyone who so much as blinked at me. But when I am with you, I don't want to be that person anymore. - Author: Andrea Cremer
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#18. That said, in the two weeks before I leave for the Dark Days tour, I am going radio silent, which means I will be avoiding the Internet at all costs in order to revise, revise, revise. I will miss you. Tris says hi, though. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#19. They [Republicans] assume that military action always shows strength, while avoiding military action always shows weakness. That's just crazy. - Author: Kevin Drum
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#20. There are two sides to increasing energy. One is avoiding loss. The other is learning how to gain energy. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#21. Being more aware will enable you to have only astonishing impressions, avoiding any of the disappointing experiences like some of those we went through. - Author: Sahara Sanders
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#22. There is nothing dishonorable about abandoning pain. Sometimes peace is most quickly found when a man simply stops avoiding it." He shifted slightly in the dark. "And you never again lay awake all night, staring at darkness and thinking of them. - Author: Robin Hobb
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#23. These days it's hard to meet women. Feel like my love life is finished. I been avoiding commitment. That's why I'm in this position. - Author: Drake
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#24. We too often let the material things serve as indicators that we're doing well, even though something inside us tells us that were not doing our best. That we are avoiding that which is hard, but also necessary. That we are shrinking from rather than rising to the challenges of the age. - Author: Barack Obama
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#25. Maira Kalman says, Avoiding work is the way to focus my mind. - Author: Austin Kleon
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#26. The best fiction is often how we interpret our own lives and what we see as our common due. It is created usually as a means of avoiding reality which, if seriously considered, might negate our ability to strive for what might seem impossible. - Author: Anne Edwards
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#27. We have to learn to be kind to ourselves. In the long run avoiding unpleasantness is a very unkind thing to do to yourself. - Author: Henepola Gunaratana
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#28. The draperies that clothe figures must show that they are inhabited by these figures, enveloping them neatly to show the posture and motion of such figures, and avoiding the confusion of many folds, especially over the prominent parts, so that these may be evident - Author: Leonardo Da Vinci
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#29. Victory and defeat are matters of the temporary force of circumstances. The way of avoiding shame is different. It is simply in death. - Author: Tsunetomo Yamamoto
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#30. It's extremely difficult to describe interestingly what happens on the pitch. Thousands of journalists write millions of words every week trying to do it, so your chances of avoiding cliche are very slim. And you're trying to write fiction, not a match report. - Author: Mal Peet
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#31. Avoiding mistakes is simple. Just never attempt anything difficult. - Author: Ralph Moore
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#32. There is something eminently Chilean about avoiding confrontation, or about not clarifying the way you feel sometimes. It's a particular culture, where emotions are not discussed as profusely with your family or friends, nor shown in an explicit manner. - Author: Omar Zuniga
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#33. If we added up all of the special 'avoidance' diets, no one could eat anything. Many people are ruining their health by avoiding too many foods." -Ray Peat - Author: Matt Stone
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#34. Seems fairly clear that you fix a breed by LIMITING the amount of alien infiltration. You make a race by homogeneity and by avoiding INbreeding ... No argument has ever been sprouted against it. You like it in dogs and horses. - Author: Ezra Pound
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#35. Over the years, they'd become accomplished at avoiding unpleasant topics. Their burdened demeanors spoke volumes through the silence. - Author: Glenn B Miller
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#36. You've been avoiding me," he said, talking to the sandwich.
I laughed. He looked over at me. "Sorry. I just realized that you talk to a lot of inanimate objects. - Author: Rachel Hawthorne
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#37. There is a case for telling the truth; there is a case for avoiding the scandal; but there is no possible defense for the man who tells the scandal, but does not tell the truth - Author: Gilbert K. Chesterton
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#38. But all history has taught us the grim lesson that no nation has ever been successful in avoiding the terrors of war by refusing to defend its rights - by attempting to placate aggression. - Author: Dwight D. Eisenhower
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