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Top 11 Hustlers Dream Quotes

#1. Will, without reason, is a blind man's motion; will, against reason, is a madman's motion. - Author: Benjamin Whichcote
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#2. The past times that you think were good, are good because they are not yours here and now. - Author: Augustine Of Hippo
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#3. I've managed to do movies and still keep a lifestyle where I can go to ballgames, go to a grocery store like everybody else. - Author: Chris Evans
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#4. They stared at her together for a moment. Sun beams played over marble, making the pink alabaster glow as if rosy blood danced just under the surface of Aphrodite's skin. - Author: Eloisa James
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#5. I call that mind free, which jealously guards its intellectual rights and powers, which calls no man master, which does not content itself with a passive or hereditary faith, which opens itself to light whencesoever it may come. - Author: William Ellery Channing
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#6. Just because you fail once doesn't mean you're gonna fail at everything. - Author: Marilyn Monroe
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#7. As a citizen of this country, I've got to be honest to the people of South Africa. - Author: Jacob Zuma
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#8. It is not new for the older generation to bewail the indolence of the young, and there is a tendency for the latter to maintain much of the older ethic screened by a new semantics and an altered ideology. - Author: David Riesman
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#9. If you live right, death is a joke to you as far as fear is concerned. - Author: Will Rogers
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#10. Apparently, there is no bad economic turn a conservative cannot do unto his buddy in the working class, as long as cultural solidarity has been cemented over a beer. - Author: Thomas Frank
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#11. Artists no longer starve in garrets. Some people may think this is not wholly a good thing, that being an artist has become too comfortable, at least in the West. I'm not sure I agree. It's a mark of civilization to encourage the arts and the life of the mind. - Author: J.M. Coetzee
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