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#1. Man, it was so quiet you could hear a grasshopper karate chop a fly. - Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
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#2. One thing that always frustrated me was that, while Benjamin Franklin's was the best-known face of the eighteenth century, no one ever took his sister's likeness. - Author: Jill Lepore
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#3. It's important to remember that even with effective communication, some problems won't be solved immediately. What's vital is your partner's response--whether he or she is concerned about your well-being, has your best interests in mind, and is willing to work on things. - Author: Amir Levine
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#4. My dad was the force behind me early on. He was just infatuated with baseball. He was the one that basically taught me how to play the game. He gave a lot of his time working out with me, practicing and taking me to a lot of different games. It was hard work between both of us. - Author: Rafael Palmeiro
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#5. I didn't mind being in school. But I was usually uninspired and always late. I did what I had to, but not more. - Author: Robyn
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#6. No matter what might ever happen to me, you are not allowed to hurt yourself! - Author: Stephenie Meyer
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#7. Through most of what followed there were two of me on the phone, George who was speaking out loud and Jake on the inside, saying all the things George couldn't. Maybe there are always two on each end of the conversation when good love hangs in the balance. - Author: Stephen King
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#8. If I need something you can't give, I need to walk away, because sooner or later, all I'll see is what you can't give. I won't be able to see what you can. - Author: Michelle Sagara West
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#9. Physical nature lies at our feet shackled with a hundred chains. What of the control of human nature? Do not point to the triumphs of psychiatry, social services or the war against crime. Domination of human nature can only mean the domination of every man by himself. - Author: Johan Huizinga
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#10. Having a teenager is like having a really, really shitty roommate. They eat all your food and steal your clothes and take money out of your purse and borrow your car without asking. - Author: Karin Slaughter
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#11. I believe in fighting with investors to reduce the amount of equity they get and then being as generous as you possibly can with employees. - Author: Sam Altman
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#12. A colorful Chanel bag is a way to mix up anything. - Author: Ashley Madekwe
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