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#1. They'll read and sing a sacred song,
And make a prayer both loud and long,
And teach the right and do the wrong,
Hailing htthe brother, sister, throng,
With words of heavenly union.

Frederick Douglass

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#2. Writing is acting in the sense that you're imagining and inhabiting another. In the book I was trying to get at the root of what true acting is.

Rebecca Miller

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#3. This is desire, daughter, the endless piercing that informs the universe throughout eternity,

John Speed

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#4. One who sees communication in wisdom should also see creativity and practicality in intelligence.

Anyaele Sam Chiyson

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#5. I do still get shocked every once in a while when I catch my reflection when I'm walking past a glass building, but it's in my mind about getting older and finding out what I'm going to look like as it unfolds - or as it folds, depending on where the marks and scars land.

Dave Matthews

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#6. There is something at stake any time we cross from one circle to another, a simultaneous relinquishing and hardening of the self.

John Leland

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