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#1. Rest is the best thing for your body rather than working out or dieting. Sleep can change your whole metabolism, so it's my number one priority when it comes to looking good. - Author: Erin Heatherton
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#2. The good inside of all of us is wrapped in a layer of apathy, and we forget how much potential we have within us, in each and every one of us, to change the world for the better for ourselves and our children, and thus to bring about oneness. - Author: Shari Arison
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#3. Life is all about change. If it were static, think about how boring it would be. You can't be afraid of it, and you can't worry that you'll mess things up. You deserve good things, and I want to be one of them. - Author: Ellen Hopkins
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#4. Sure," said Adrian. "I bet going in there and kicking down the door will change their minds. Take Rose with you, and you guys'll make a really good impression. - Author: Richelle Mead
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#5. At the end of the day, nobody can tell you how to tackle failure or how to handle change. The world is very good at encouraging you to go along with the status quo and at basking in your successes. - Author: Viola Davis
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#6. When I hear Sam Cooke's 'A Change Is Gonna Come', it frustrates me because no matter how hard I try, I can never be that good. - Author: Julian Casablancas
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#7. Just because I had a good game doesn't change who I am,
my identity is in Christ and not in basketball, I love playing basketball and it's my job but at the same time I recognize that I'm a sinner and that's not gonna change regardless of how well I play on the court - Author: Jeremy Lin
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#8. Nothing is forever, be it a good time or a bad time; nothing stays the same. Leaves change, seasons change, and so do people. And when people change, our relationships change with that. - Author: Uday Mukerji
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#9. What positive change? Why didn't we hear a word about all of Hillary Clinton's good works for the Clinton charitable foundation? I mean, you would think that's where it would all be.But we didn't hear about it. - Author: Rush Limbaugh
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#10. There is no bad.. nor good.. there just is.. and that is the present moment. How does that look.. depends on where you are along the journey.. Blink.. and the perception can change. - Author: Jonathan Bailey
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#11. A show has to change and evolve. Sometimes the change is painful, but that doesn't mean it's not good or correct. - Author: Stephen Nathan
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#12. To pray is to change. This is a great grace. How good of God to provide a path whereby our lives can be taken over by love and joy and peace and patience and kindness and goodness and faithfulness and gentleness and self-control. - Author: Richard J. Foster
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#13. I am not very good at sticking to outlines, and I double back all the time to revisit scenes and change things. - Author: Holly Black
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#14. The problem with Ebola is that it makes mistakes while it copies itself. The mistakes are actually good for Ebola because they help Ebola change, and as a result of this, as it jumps from one human body to the next, roughly half the time, it's got a mutation. - Author: Richard Preston
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#15. You would think,' Aedan said, 'that I'd feel good about this-I've grown while he, my old enemy, has shrunk. Yet all I feel is a terrible ache. I pity him, that he has been called by age to surrender his strength. - Author: Jonathan Renshaw
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#16. I welcome the autumnal chill in the air. There is a stimulation about it. Life moves to a different rhythm. There is a sense of change in the atmosphere and change is good inasmuch as it prevents stagnation. We should grow weary of a summer that never ended. - Author: Patience Strong
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#17. Reading a book is like going on a great journey. You don't know what'll happen, but something is bound to change. And for me, that change has always been good. - Author: Shannon Hale
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#18. Nature does abhor a vacuum, and when you begin moving out of your life what you do not want, you automatically are making way for what you do want. By letting go of the lesser, you automatically make room for your greater good to come in. - Author: Catherine Ponder
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#19. Good software designs accommodate change without huge investments and rework. When we use code that is out of our control, special care must be taken to protect our investment and make sure future change is not too costly. - Author: Robert C. Martin
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#20. Given that I don't know anything, when I am making up stories about the future, why not make it a good story instead of a scary one? - Author: Sharon Weil
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#21. If we're going to change the world for the better, kids need to know that they can by feeling good about who they are and helping others. - Author: Dorothy Koomson
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#22. I was twenty when I discovered war and photography. I can't say that I wanted to bear witness and change the world. I had no good moral reasons: I just loved adventure, I loved the poetry of war, the poetry of chaos, and I found that there was a kind of grace in weaving between the bullets. - Author: Luc Delahaye
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#23. The world is broken he said, how will you fix it?

I don't think anyone can fix it but we can teach ourselves & eachother to focus on the good and the important and maybe little by little this place won't feel so heavy. - Author: Nikki Rowe
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#24. A good story is always a journey. It is about taking the journey, the people the hero meets along the way and how they change him or her. All stories are journeys. They don't have to be shocking or outrageous: they simply have to be interesting. - Author: Michael Scott
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#25. Life is full of change, honey. That's how we learn and grow. When we're born, the Good Lord gives each of us a Life book. Chapter by chapter, we live and learn. - Author: Beth Hoffman
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#26. Can dancing change your life? Yes. It's changed mine. What I've learned is, it's not about how good you are technically. It's about your soul coming through. It's about having fun. - Author: Lisa Rinna
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#27. It's strange how just the sound of my dad's feet, the murmur of his voice, can change everything. Thing is, for all I know he could be in a good mood. It's just that I've learned to assume the worst. - Author: Kevin Waltman
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#28. Impatience can be very good by helping us not put up with tyranny, but it can distort our view of what is possible and how to bring about change. We have to cultivate patience so that our perception isn't distorted. - Author: Paul Ekman
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#29. There is nothing like having to change your physical form to put you in contact with every weak part of yourself, to train yourself in discipline. Put somebody on a treadmill and I'll tell you how good they are at any other thing they do in life. - Author: Will Smith
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#30. I go to Ireland. Walk along an empty beach. When I do, I think of all the people who have walked there before, and will walk there again. Then it occurs to me nothing is forever. No matter how bad or how good, everything passes and moves on to another level. - Author: Nora Roberts
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#31. I wouldn't change any part of my life that I've lived up until now. I kind of believe in fate a little bit and I believe that whether it be good or bad, everything is happening for a reason regardless of how good or how terrible it is. - Author: Joshua James Alphonse Franceschi
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#32. Things happen, and you can't make them unhappen. You don't get do-overs, you can't roll back the clock, and the only thing you can change, and the only thing it does any good to worry about, is how you let them affect you. - Author: Jennifer Weiner
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#33. Everyone knows that not all change is good or even necessary. But in a world that is constantly changing, it is to our advantage to learn how to adapt and enjoy something better. - Author: Kenneth H. Blanchard
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#34. The mark of a good party is that you wake up the next morning wanting to change your name and start a new life in a different city. - Author: Vance Bourjaily
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#35. The true test of a man's style is the haircut. There are some men who look good no matter how their hair is styled, whether it's trendy or not. A man can change his haircut many times, but to pull off any haircut, you have to be very chic. Like Brad Pitt. - Author: Carine Roitfeld
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#36. It is no good thinking about how life will get better once you have a new television or a new job. You must stop hoping for change. You must simply be it. - Author: Rachel Joyce
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#37. We are not powerless. We have tremendous potential for good or ill. How we choose to use that power is up to us; but first we must choose to use it. We're told every day, You can't change the world. But the world is changing every day. Only question is who's doing it? You or somebody else? - Author: J. Michael Straczynski
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#38. No matter how successful you are, change is always good. There can never be a status quo. When you have no money you can't afford long-term solutions, only short-term ones. You have to always be upgrading. Otherwise you're fucked. - Author: Michael Lewis
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#39. The truth is that, no matter what kind of game you find yourself in, no matter how good or bad the luck, you can change your life completely with a single thought or a single act of love - Author: Gregory David Roberts
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#40. As much as you might hate me, you can't change the fact that I know you, Lily. And no matter how many times you say you're fine and everything is good, you should remember that I know when you're lying. - Author: Rachel Spanswick
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#41. Never judge others. You both know good and well how unexpected events can change who a person is. Always keep that in mind. You never know what someone else is experiencing within their own life. - Author: Colleen Hoover
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#42. If our love of God does not directly influence, and even change, how we engage in the issues of our time on this earth, I wonder what good religion is. - Author: Richard Rohr
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#43. If you're a good experienced player, you wknow what it takes to do. If you're in trouble, you know how to change. One hundred percent of my game is instinct. I never stop and think I'm going to hit a ball crosscourt or down the line. I just do it. - Author: Bjorn Borg
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#44. If you live in a ghetto and really want not to just change your life and your family's life but change your ghetto's life, make your ghetto a good neighbourhood, learn science; try to be like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. - Author:
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#45. When deeply ashamed minds scream to the air, "But we can change! This time we can change!" the Omnimalevolent Creator calmly replies, "Good. - Author: John Zande
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#46. An ordinary Turk, an ordinary Arab, an ordinary Tunisian can change history. We believe that democracy is good, and that our people deserve it. - Author: Ahmet Davutoglu
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#47. It's only a thought and a thought can be changed. Choose good ones. - Author: Wayne Dyer
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#48. There are many organizations and individuals advocating for the public interest online - what's good for ordinary people - but other interests are more numerous and powerful than they are. I want that to change. And that's what I want to do next. - Author: Sue Gardner
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#49. Bad friends try to change you, good friends accept your differences, while true friends embrace and celebrate them. Watching this circle of clowns, I know I've made the truest of friends. I'm glad I didn't settle for anything else. - Author: A.J. Compton
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#50. When I retire, I want to step away on a positive note. What you put out into the world comes back to you. You actually change the world with what you do. I want to put some good in the world. - Author: Lupe Fiasco
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#51. It makes you feel good when a movie works. Usually when I see an old movie I've made, I say to myself, 'Oh God, why did I do this?' and 'Why didn't I change that?' and things like that. - Author: Warren Beatty
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#52. I cannot either change or do anything bad or good to the Syrian people and Syrian citizens. - Author: Najib Mikati
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#53. But as a wise and great teacher once explained so patiently, all good stories - stories that touch your soul, stories that change your nature, stories that cause you to become a better person from their telling-these stories always contain truth. - Author: Camron Wright
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#54. Cabot Searcy began to care about learning not for the sake of making good grades, but because he still wanted to change the world. - Author: John Corey Whaley
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#55. You cannot of yourself move your arm or alter your position, situation, posture, do to other men good or evil, or effect the least change in the world. - Author: Nicolas Malebranche
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#56. Every person and everything can change the destiny of every other person and every other thing, in a good or in a bad way! We are all destiny makers; everything is a destiny maker! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#57. If you stick to something doggedly, you are off to a bad start. - Author: Karl Lagerfeld
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#58. It's never too late to start eating well. A good diet can reverse many of those conditions as well. In short: change the way you eat and you can transform your health for the better. - Author: T. Colin Campbell
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#59. Keep me heaven my soul has holes, leaking good morals, I once had control over dark matters of the world, give me courage and strength for my Lord, and sew the holes that hold you near. Keep me heaven my soul has holes. - Author: Anthony Liccione
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#60. I do feel like, now, approaching fifty, I am definitely at a crossroads and having to reevaluate things and look at things. It's time for more change, and that's good. - Author: Mike Ness
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#61. That never goes over big with your wife. I will be a very good husband for a change. - Author: Donald Trump
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#62. (Can human beings change? The humor, and the sadness, of remarriage comedies can be said to result from the fact that we have no good answer to that question.) - Author: Stanley Cavell
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#63. How many Republicans does it take to change a light bulb? Three. One to mix the martinis, one to change the light bulb, and one to reminisce about how good the old one was. - Author: Christopher Buckley
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#64. Excessive drinking is not good for my health, my family or my game. There has definitely been a change, and I feel better for it. - Author: Ernie Els
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#65. You can talk yourself into a good emotional state. I stop for a second, take a deep breath, and think about something that's beautiful. A beautiful thought for me is cutting the umbilical cord for my child. I can guarantee you that your emotional state will change. - Author: Montel Williams
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#66. There are days that I get neurotic with the violin. Every little adjustment will change the balance for good or for bad. It's kind of a miracle, the way the whole thing works as an acoustical whole, so perfectly balanced. - Author: Joshua Bell
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#67. Sustainable change, after all, depends not upon compliance with external mandates or blind adherence to regulation, but rather upon the pursuit of the greater good. - Author: Douglas B. Reeves
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#68. Kabbalah is all about change. It isn't about being proud of our good qualities: the wisdom is about transforming our darkness into light. - Author: Yehuda Berg
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#69. Sure he's dead, and it's a good thing for us. It's hard to argue with a dead man. A dead man can't change his mind or make new rules, or behave like a bastard so no one will listen to him anymore. A dead man stays a saint. - Author: Cherie Priest
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#70. The body is the inescapable factor, you see. You can keep in good shape for what you are, but radical change is impossible. Health isn't making everybody into a Greek ideal; it's living out the destiny of the body. - Author: Robertson Davies
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#71. I'm happy here, and why change when you love the club and the club's in a really good position right now. - Author: Frank Lampard
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#72. The people are Anchors," I say.
"People don't make good Anchors, though, Craig. They change. The people here are going to change. The patients are going to leave. You can't rely on them. - Author: Ned Vizzini
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#73. Climate change has been associated so much with a peaceful mentality - obviously peace and love are good, but we need to think about climate as a threat to survival. - Author: Margaret D. Klein
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#74. You have what we in France call 'good time teeth,'" she said. "Why on earth would you want to change them?" "Um, because I can floss with the sash to my bathrobe? - Author: David Sedaris
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#75. I really do see the good in people, and I don't want to change that. That's really how I view things, so sometimes I'll look past a lot of huge red flags because I see something else in someone. Then, of course, it always comes back to haunt me in the long run. - Author: Jennifer Morrison
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#76. We have to change the culture from one in which people simply do their own job in their own function to make their own numbers look good (a vertical focus) to one in which people are focused horizontally on the customer and on improving value streams that deliver value across functions. - Author: Jeffrey K. Liker
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#77. Dwelling in failure won't change anything nor will it create a good outcome. - Author: Yunho
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#78. I would not change my blest estate for all the world calls good or great. - Author: Isaac Watts
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#79. I've always thought you should be able to freeze time. This way you could hit the Pause button at a really good point in your life so that nothing changes - Author: Jennifer Niven
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#80. If you are out in two races and someone else has a good couple of races, it could change. So all we do is try to get the optimum every time. - Author: Sebastian Vettel
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#81. Change, even if unwelcome, forces us to reevaluate what our best options are. Those times of transitions are great opportunities to look for recurring patterns in your life and make adjustments to build on the good and reduce the bad. - Author: Dan Miller
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#82. Love and desire...they aren't the same but they go hand in hand. To say you love someone is to say you have the desire for good things for them, that you desire to DO good things for them. One of the worst things the enemy does is change the definition of love in the minds of a people. - Author: J. Evan Johnson
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#83. A little rebellion is a good thing. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
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#84. I'm currently between assignments and was looking for a change. I heard there was work in Nashville and it seemed like a good place to start over. So here I am stuck in the freezing cold with a ... serial killer. Has the making for a great horror movie, huh? (Leta) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#85. All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil. The only crime is pride. - Author: Sophocles
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#86. A good plan allows for plenty of spontaneity and room for change - but without a plan at all, it's difficult to work toward something significant over time. - Author: Chris Guillebeau
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