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Top 13 Houston Windshield Quotes

#1. Even with whatever people want to label me with, there are so many other sides to me. - Author: Wiz Khalifa
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#2. Our music will continue to have an impact in people's lives long after we finally call it quits. - Author: Tommy Lee
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#3. I shall proceed from the simple to the complex. But in war more than in any other subject we must begin by looking at the nature of the whole; for here more than elsewhere the part and the whole must always be thought of together. - Author: Carl Von Clausewitz
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#4. Money does not buy anyone the right to tell Israel what to do, but long-term involvement, dialogue, and care demand that we must listen. - Author: Ofra Strauss
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#5. Pick your enemies carefully or you'll never make it in Los Angeles. - Author: Rona Barrett
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#6. When you're in school, every little mistake is a permanent crack in your windshield. But in the real world, if you're not swerving around and hitting the guard rails every now and then, you're not going fast enough. Your biggest risk isn't failing; it's getting too comfortable. - Author: Drew Houston
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#7. I've always played the guys that end up having the wisecracks. - Author: Sean William Scott
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#8. We have to understand that people are different. I don't know, if we really understand who we're dealing with over there. - Author: Neil Young
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#9. The heart and mind can find peace and harmony by contemplating the transcendental nature of the true self as supreme effulgent life. - Author: Patanjali
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#10. You just have to know the signal to get them to stop or they might just suck you dry. - Author: Patricia A. Rasey
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#11. Friends are not made, but recognized. - Author: Carl Rakosi
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#12. For me, being tall was very positive because I thought my mom was the most beautiful person ever. - Author: Lisa Leslie
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#13. I'm a fixer, unfortunately. I'm like, 'Oh, I can fix you.' But it's not just guys I'm dating anymore. It's this entire legion of young girls who tell me they need me to maintain any sort of sanity or peace. - Author: Halsey
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