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#1. I was left behind with the immensity of existing things. A sponge, suffering because it cannot saturate itself; a river, suffering because reflections of clouds and trees are not clouds and trees. - Author: Czeslaw Milosz
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#2. America feels like home as much as it does here. Although it's a strange situation as I feel almost like I'm in no-man's land some of the time, because although I'm a resident, I still can't vote so I don't really have a say in what goes on where I live. - Author: Rick Allen
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#3. The serve, I think, is the most difficult, you know, in terms of coordination, because you got the two arms going, and you got to toss it up at the right time so. - Author: Roger Federer
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#4. I've learned to take things a little more easily, to be a little more forgiving of myself. - Author: Queen Rania Of Jordan
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#5. The only things that got me through those years were a half dozen books I stole and through which I escaped reality time and again. I never tired of reading them, even reading them aloud to myself, until the characters between the covers became dear to me, like old friends. - Author: Sylvie Grohne
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#6. People have to form their own opinion. I've said everything I can say about it. I was viciously attacked from the stage, and I have a right to answer back. I've said everything I could say. I was viciously attacked on the stage, and I have a right to answer back. - Author: Donald Trump
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#7. I don't even like old cars. I'd rather have a goddam horse. A horse is at least human, for God's sake. - Author: J.D. Salinger
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#8. A great challenge: stop ruining the garden which God has entrusted to us so that all may enjoy it. - Author: Pope Francis
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#9. The drop from abundance to scarcity produced a decidedly more positive reaction to the cookies than did constant scarcity. - Author: Robert B. Cialdini
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#10. You have this resonant box that sounds cool when you smack it, so why not go for it? - Author: Kaki King
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#11. Industrial societies can only be run successfully by dictators or oligarchs. - Author: Dora Russell
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#12. There is just no escaping the fact that the single biggest factor determining whether an organization is going to get healthier - or not - is the genuine commitment and active involvement of the person in charge. - Author: Patrick Lencioni
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#13. The odds of finding the one you truly love above all else, is about 1 in 4 billion. The odds that the person you love, loves you back... don't even dream about it, it's not going to happen. Most couples today do not revolve around real love. - Author: Dylan West
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