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#1. Mathematics compares the most diverse phenomena and discovers the secret analogies that unite them. - Author: Joseph Fourier
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#2. I liked the humor of it, I've always enjoyed a sense of humor in God and in religion and in spirituality. - Author: Amber Tamblyn
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#3. The key question of our time is learning how to respond in love when people don't agree, without compromising our view. - Author: Christy McFerren
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#4. People might get mad for five or ten minutes, but then they respect you more. And the next time they see you, they'll tell their friends, "Don't go up to him with that stuff - he don't mess with cocaine." - Author: Moses Malone
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#5. Now is the operative word. Everything you put in your way is just a method of putting off the hour when you could actually be doing your dream. - Author: Barbara Sher
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#6. I think that every decision I made came from what's best for the kids. If both parents have the children's best interests in mind, it's going to go OK. The second that the parents don't do that, it gets ugly. - Author: Josie Bissett
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#7. What is the least number of weights that can be used on a set of scales to weigh any whole number of kilograms from 1 to 40? - Author: Simon Singh
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#8. As St. Francis of Assisi in the thirteenth century said it best, "Grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console; to be understood as to understand; to be loved as to love. For it is in giving that we receive. - Author: Shawn Achor
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#9. The idea isn't to do the impossible. The idea is to show the world that if one man can do the impossible, then maybe the rest of the world can do what's possible. - Author: Jonathan Malley
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#10. through self-selection or the firm's edict. Depending on the year and the firm, this could be between 5% and 15% of employees. Although compensation generally does not vary much during the first - Author: David Stowell
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#11. Look, sometimes being a hero isn't about getting the glory. It's about doing what needs to be done -Liam - Author: Christopher Healy
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#12. To really be over a man you, half the amount of time you dated has to have passed. - Author: Sally Jesse Raphael
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#13. Unconditional love in any form is the greatest gift life can ever give you. - Author: Catherine Carrigan
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#14. While separation does not mean disengagement from the world, there are certain activities and places that God clearly wants us to avoid not only to protect ourselves from spiritual harm but so that the witness we have will not be tarnished. - Author: Billy Graham
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