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#1. One in whom persuasion and belief
Had ripened into faith, and faith become
A passionate intuition. - Author: William Wordsworth
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#2. Stalking the Angel
[Joe]"I could off anybody in this place five times over."
[Elvis]"Could you off someone and get away with you here?"
[Joe]Head shake. "I'm too good even for me. - Author: Robert Crais
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#3. People are so used to reading novels now, they just read a poem straight through to get the meaning. And that's something totally different from the slow way you read something if it's a tune; which to me a poem has to be. - Author: Alice Oswald
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#4. Cohler advertised for summer interns, then sometimes told promising applicants when they came for an interview that Thefacebook was only hiring full-timers. - Author: David Kirkpatrick
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#5. Die in your dreams, wake up insane. - Author: Robin Hobb
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#6. Never have public feuds with anyone who's surrounded by people who carry guns. - Author: Moby
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#7. Philosophically considered, the universe is composed of Nature and the Soul. Strictly speaking, therefore, all that is separate from us, all which Philosophy distinguishes as the 'Not Me,' that is, both nature and art, all other men and my own body, must be ranked under this name, 'Nature.' - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#8. I shit you not, it heard the plan - Author: Pete Wentz
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#9. Being liked for the way you looked is worse than not being liked at all. - Author: Amanda Hocking
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#10. Another time, we had three days off in Australia, so we went out of our way to fly to Ayres Rock. - Author: Phil Collins
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