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Top 11 Homemade Sign Sayings

#1. Ollie-O was in a semicatatonic state, uttering nonsensical phrases like "This is not biodegradable - the downstream implications are enormous - the optics make for rough sledding - going forward -" before getting stuck on the words "epic fail," which he kept repeating. - Author: Maria Semple
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#2. She may be trained, but I'm fighting for my family, my home, my freedom. She's fighting for a goddamn paycheck. - Author: Amie Kaufman
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#3. I hope I did it the way my peers did it before me. I didn't do anything but try to play hard. - Author: Karl Malone
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#4. There are victories of the soul and spirit. Sometimes, even if you lose, you win. - Author: Elie Wiesel
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#5. I think punk rock, especially for me, was a big middle finger to this whole talent thing. - Author: Mike Watt
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#6. I'm going to be so much better a president for having been at the CIA that you're not going to believe it. - Author: George H. W. Bush
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#7. The moment the door opened I knew an ass-kicking was inevitable. Whether I'd be giving it or receiving it was still a bit of a mystery. - Author: Rachel Vincent
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#8. Journalists ask me all the time, 'Akshay, do you believe in the numbers game?' My standard response: 'I can't count, that's why I have producers and accountants who calculate for me. As long as I have them in my life, I don't need to worry about numbers!' - Author: Akshay Kumar
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#9. Neither sex is wrong in their communication; both sexes need to learn how to understand each other. - Author: Pamela Cummins
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#10. I lay awake for hours and watched you sleep," he murmurs. "I might have loved you even then. - Author: E.L. James
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#11. He was being called on to be a man, called up for service almost, except his country didnt need him, his lover did, and he felt proud and strong and ready to do whatever was necessary. - Author: Lisa Jewell
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