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Top 14 Holocaust Aftermath Quotes

#1. The time when there is nothing at all in your soul except a cry for help may be just that time when God can't give it: you are like the drowning man who can't be helped because he clutches and grabs. Perhaps your own reiterated cries deafen you to the voice you hoped to hear. - Author: C.S. Lewis
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#2. The absence of pain led to an absence of fear, and the absence of fear led to a disregard for consequence. - Author: Victoria Schwab
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#3. However, if I shall live to be eighty I shall probably be the only person left in England who reads anything but newspapers and scientific publications. - Author: Matthew Arnold
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#4. The United Nations was founded in the aftermath of World War II, just as the world was beginning to learn the full horrors of history's worst genocide, the Holocaust that consumed 6 million Jews and 3 million others in Europe. - Author: Linda Chavez
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#5. Sparks fly, it's like electricity ... - Author: Miranda Cosgrove
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#6. American actresses have more problems than I do; I'm lucky to be able to play what I want for a smaller audience, because I have my own country to do that in. - Author: Carice Van Houten
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#7. She laughs. "Except you, Lara Jean. You're still itty-bitty pocket-sized." She says it sweetly. Like sweetened condensed milk. Sweet and condescending. Poured on super thick. I - Author: Jenny Han
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#8. I remember hearing the song when I was 12 or 14 in - it must have been in Chicago, 'cause we didn't have a radio on the farm, and it was during the second World War. I had three brothers in that war who went overseas. - Author: Abbey Lincoln
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#9. If one considered life as a simple loan, one would perhaps be less exacting. We possess actually nothing; everything goes through us. - Author: Eugene Delacroix
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#10. An original artist is unable to copy. So he has only to copy in order to be original. - Author: Jean Cocteau
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#11. But the reality is that we are a folk band. - Author: Amy Ray
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#12. Before you "re-think" your faith, it may be wise to examine the critics of the Bible. In the end your faith will be even stronger. - Author: Billy Graham
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#13. Never accept the situation where you have the light but sufficient only for yourself! You must have an abundant light so that you may give to others! - Author: Mehmet Murat Ildan
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#14. Learn to Lose, Wade to Win. - Author: Vikrmn
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