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Top 8 Hockey Hall Of Fame Quotes

#1. I have a new way of doing things, and I don't care if you think I'm crazy. - Author: Malcolm Gladwell
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#2. [ ... ] the first lesson about the nature of memory: what you wish to forget, you may not be able to. What seems to have died, perhaps is just asleep. - Author: Noam Shpancer
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#3. Our lives are entwined and we're bound together by everything that we've been through, what we feel and the love I have for you. I know you love me too Layla and I wish I could make it all right again but I can't. - Author: Marie Coulson
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#4. What I do is I'm a bandleader, frontman, entertainer. - Author: Shane MacGowan
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#5. If you begin to identify yourself with that inner awareness, and then you realize you're not really doing anything. As long as there's the thought, "I'm trying to wake up," that thought of "I" is still there. - Author: Goswami Kriyananda
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#6. I have been unable to live an uncommitted or suspended life. I have not hesitated to declare my affiliation with an extremely unpopular cause. - Author: Edward Said
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#7. In all, the future secretary of defense and wartime vice president[, Dick Cheney,] would receive five deferments during the Vietnam War, protecting him from service during his draft-eligible years. - Author: Charlie Savage
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#8. To slide into the domed reading room at ten each morning, specially in summer, off the hot street outside, was a sensation as delicious as dropping into the water off the concrete edge of the Fitzroy Baths. - Author: Helen Garner
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