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#1. I don't compare myself to anyone else; I don't make comments about anyone else because they do what feels right for them, and that's okay by me. - Author: Taylor Swift
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#3. Begin each day with the blueprint of my deepest values FIRMLY in mind then when challenges come, make decisions BASED on those values. - Author: Stephen R. Covey
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#4. Withhold admiration from a narcissist and be disliked. Give it and be treated with indifference. - Author: Mason Cooley
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#5. What was it about this infuriating woman that reduced him to a twelve-year-old at the pool? - Author: Codi Gary
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#6. You're always looking for good scripts and when they're not always forthcoming you go mad. - Author: Jonny Lee Miller
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#7. Put your trust in god are the most dangerous words in the English language. - Author: Hemant Mehta
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#8. The key to the success of any producer is to have a great team around. - Author: Graham King
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#9. Do you find
Your patience so predominant in your nature
That you can let this go? Are you so gospelled,
To pray for this good man and for his issue,
Whose heavy hand hath bowed you to the grave,
And beggared yours for ever? - Author: William Shakespeare
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#10. I could never really imagine myself doing one thing, and I'm pretty sure that I'll end up doing four or five different things. I want to be a Renaissance woman. I want to paint, and I want to write, and I want to act, and I want to just do everything. - Author: Emma Watson
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#11. You've got to remember whatever happens-it's only life, we all get through it - Author: Dean Koontz
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#12. Your labor which gives form to desire takes from desire its form, and you believe you are enjoying Anastasia wholly when you are only its slave. - Author: Italo Calvino
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#13. Like many others, I sometimes find that cooking can be naturally grounding. - Author: Surya Das
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#14. Do not just believe in God and neglect the fact that He has an unprecedented belief in you. - Author: Johnnie Dent Jr.
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