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#1. Learning is the most important thing, no mater how you do it, or where you do it, or who you do it with. - Author: Saoirse Ronan
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#2. When you've seen prejudice, you understand that we aren't finished, that we're still perfecting this American experiment. - Author: Anthony Romero
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#3. Marriage is an alliance entered into by a man who can't sleep with the window shut, and a woman who can't sleep with the window open. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
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#4. Alexander Graham Bell was the first person to ever sarcastically say hello. Hellooo, I invented the telephone! - Author: Andy Kindler
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#5. Either we trust in God, and in that case we neither trust in ourselves, nor in our fellow-men, nor in circumstances, nor in anything besides; or we do trust in one or more of these, and in that case do not trust in God. - Author: George Muller
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#6. Gabe's brain told him that this was a very, very bad idea.
Aside from the fact that it went against the credo he'd lived by for the past half a decade, getting mixed up with a vamp could get him killed.
His dick told his brain to shut the hell up. It did. - Author: Lou Harper
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#7. It will be a great moment for some of us when we begin to believe that God's promise of self-revelation is literally true: that He promised much, but promised no more than He intends to fulfill. - Author: A.W. Tozer
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#8. Sometimes great injustices may be inflicted on the minority when the majority is in the pursuit of a great and just cause. - Author: Paul Robeson
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#9. Some men live their lives terrified. Terrified of the night and all that is dark. I will live my life eternally in fear of the light of day. - Author: Barnabas
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#10. Lost is our freedom
When we submit to women so:
Why do we need 'em
When, in their best, they work our woe? - Author: Thomas Campion
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#11. I think we were colonized by aliens 250,000 years ago, and they genetically altered our DNA to be primates into homo erectus and humans. I'm very interested in how we evolved so suddenly, which obviously ties in with the alien thing. - Author: Al Jourgensen
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