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#1. Olympic medals are the one medal that I don't have; I've won just about every other competition that I've been at. - Author: Eric Shanteau
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#2. The New Testament rests itself for credulity and testimony on what are called prophecies in the Old Testament, of the person called Jesus Christ; and if there are no such things as prophecies of any such person in the Old Testament, the New Testament. - Author: Thomas Paine
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#3. Isn't it boring ... how people always want to tell you their own stories instead of listening to yours? I suppose that's why psychiatrists are better than friends; the paid listener doesn't interrupt with his own experiences. - Author: Helen Van Slyke
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#4. Trust your feelings never disown your instincts. - Author: N.G. Osborne
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#5. One day, though, I was asked if I'd like to go to the University of Florida and become a Gator. - Author: Jack Youngblood
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#6. This empire, unlike any other in the history of the world, has been built primarily through economic manipulation, through cheating, through fraud, through seducing people into our way of life, through the economic hit men. I was very much a part of that. - Author: John Perkins
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#7. My mother's voice. It's the first thing I remember after I opened my eyes. My beautiful girl. You came back to us. But she was wrong. - Author: Katja Millay
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#8. Why do I live in Israel? Because Israel lives in me, as it lives in all Jews. It is who we are. And those of us lucky enough to recognize this truth and embrace it in all its fullness and depth are the luckiest Jews in the world. - Author: Caroline Glick
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#9. The devil smiles when we make plans. He laughs when we get too
busy. But he trembles when we pray-especially when we pray together. - Author: Corrie Ten Boom
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#10. I didn't try to be everything but finally found something I am good at. - Author: Auliq Ice
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#11. Take me home, take me home, take me home, I need to go home. Please, please, whatever magic is out there for me, let it be at my command to take me home. - Author: Kristen Ashley
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