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#1. There is no middle way. We cannot compromise on cruelty. - Author: Tony Banks, Baron Stratford
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#2. What I try to do is don't have any ups and downs. I emphasize taking the same approach. - Author: Hideki Matsui
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#3. When you vote, you only change the names of the cabinet. When you shoot, you pull down governments, inaugurate new epochs, abolish old orders and set up new. - Author: George Bernard Shaw
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#4. While my mother wanted me to be a musician, I wanted to become an electronic engineer. - Author: A.R. Rahman
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#5. I'm a baseball player. Not being able to play baseball certainly was a lonely thing. - Author: Hideki Matsui
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#6. My first and foremost goal when I joined the Yankees was to win the world championship. Certainly, it's been a long road and very difficult journey. But I'm just happy that after all these years we were able to win and reach the goal that I had come here for. - Author: Hideki Matsui
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#7. It's not like you can aim for a home run and hit a home run. - Author: Hideki Matsui
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#8. To some extent at that time, we injected rock and roll into that scene- we played loud and that was a huge turning point for that scene. We were involved in playing with all those people. - Author: Arto Lindsay
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#9. The only thing I believe is this: A player does not have to like a manager and he does not have to respect a manager. All he has to do is obey the rules. - Author: Sparky Anderson
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#10. It is a beautiful offering to Me when you lay down your judgement and choose compassion. When you love others the way I love you, when you hold back the consequences they could have deserved, and when you treat them the way you'd like to be treated, the you shall receive mercy as well. - Author: Angela Thomas
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#11. One-act [plays] are not strikingly remunerative, but, on the other hand, the veriest dullard could not spend more than a week in writing one. - Author: Arnold Bennett
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#12. When you learn something from people, or from a culture, you accept it as a gift, and it is your lifelong commitment to preserve it and build on it. - Author: Yo-Yo Ma
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#13. I love New York. I love the Yankees. I love the fans here. - Author: Hideki Matsui
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#14. The power of home run hitters in the majors is different from those here. It's probably difficult for me to match that power now. - Author: Hideki Matsui
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#15. Chile's mines are very dangerous; the country has a lot of earthquakes. - Author: Patricia Riggen
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#16. Insufficient oxygen means insufficient biological energy that can result in anything from mild fatigue to life threatening disease. The link between insufficient oxygen and disease has now been firmly established." -Dr. W. Spencer Way, Journal of the American Association of Physicians. - Author: Ronald L. Knaus DO
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#17. It's important to find a team where you can be comfortable. I know there are a lot of high expectatons. - Author: Hideki Matsui
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#18. I've been watching American baseball on television for a long time, but it was only in recent years that, realistically, I've been thinking about playing here. - Author: Hideki Matsui
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#19. I'm aware the fans in the U.S. can be less forgiving ... I'll just have to do my best to please them. - Author: Hideki Matsui
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