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#1. When people look at me, they automatically assume I'm dark and weird. Why can't they see the truth? I'm just a girl, trying to find my place in the world. - Author: Gena Showalter
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#2. These days you are considered a weirdo if you live without a phone. Yet nobody cares if you live without a purpose. Anything wrong with that picture? - Author: Ray N. Kuili
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#3. What the hell am I doing here? - Author: Thom Yorke
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#4. I want to be known as a professional weirdo. There aren't many Salvador Dalis or Buckminster Fullers left. If I become popular enough, I can establish the next step for records. - Author: Todd Rundgren
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#5. I feel like I've always been a weirdo. I always grew up with the sense of being a total outsider. I grew up so alienated from other people, and it never went away. When I'm around "normal" people I behave around them as if they are crazy, which makes me seem crazy. - Author: Young Jean Lee
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#6. Could a scar be like the rings of a tree, reopened with each emotional season? - Author: Magenta Periwinkle
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#7. I love men's clothes, but that doesn't make me a weirdo. - Author: Margaux Hemingway
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#8. Notice the malice toward an independent man. Look back at your own life. Howard, and at the people you've met. They know. They're afraid. You're a reproach. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#9. In our interconnected world, novel technology could empower just one fanatic, or some weirdo with a mindset of those who now design computer viruses, to trigger some kind of disaster. Indeed, catastrophe could arise simply from technical misadventure - error rather than terror. - Author: Martin Rees
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#10. I'm the weirdo. There have been multitudes of times in my career where I could have taken an easier road or a more commercial path, and I've been just like, that's not gonna make me happy. - Author: Chris Robinson
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#11. Well, he's not a weirdo. I didn't turn around to look at Malcolm because he was probably eating dish soap or mayonnaise or something. - Author: Suzanne Selfors
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#12. If I'm going to be labeled a weirdo for wanting to improve my life and do really fun things, I'm okay with that. Fortunately, - Author: Steve Kamb
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#13. Imagine waking from a twenty-five-year sleep, and the first faces you saw were Sil and Lord Weirdo. Aunty Terpy's sanity would run gibbering back to whatever cracked little corner of her skull it had been occupying all these years. - Author: Vic James
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#14. Sometimes, sitting there on the cushion failing to watch your breath, it can feel like you're the only weirdo weird enough to be wasting your time in this way. But you're not! There are generations of weirdos, monasteries full of them, and we have the benefit of their accumulated wisdom. - Author: Jay Michaelson
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#15. She studies my face as if she is playing Where's Waldo, except she's hunting for a lie instead of a weirdo in a hat. - Author: Elle Kennedy
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#16. I'm such a weirdo. I'm animal-mad, so my ideal date would probably be something involving going to see animals. - Author: Sheridan Smith
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#17. It looks like you've found an intellectual equal, Mulch," said Holly. "It's a pity he isn't a girl; then you could marry him."
Mulch imitated shock. "Romance outside your species. Now THAT's disgusting. What kind of weirdo would kiss someone when they weren't even part of the same species? - Author: Eoin Colfer
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#18. A person with grace is somebody who's socially graceful or is a classy person, but sometimes you just feel the opposite of that, and you just feel like a jerk and a loser and a weirdo. - Author: Matt Berninger
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#19. I don't think I've ever tried to be anything other than a weirdo. - Author: Martin Gore
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#20. no means no, u weirdo stalkerhead! - Author: Lauren Myracle
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#21. Stupid weirdo! Liar! You filthy cat-boy-!! - Author: Peach-Pit
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#22. A lot of times, magazines end up presenting me as some type of weirdo, but I make my music for everyday people. - Author: Christopher Owens
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#23. My rocking out didn't make me particularly popular with the boys or girls. It wasn't cute or feminine. I was more of a ... weirdo. - Author: Jill Sobule
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#24. Hollywood constantly wants to label you and type you into a certain category, 'Oh he's a comedy guy,' or the weirdo character guy or the villain. - Author: Sam Rockwell
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#25. That Hieronymus Bosch. What a weirdo. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#26. I'm a creep. I'm a weirdo. What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here. - Author: Thom Yorke
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#27. If you have an opinion on what other adults do consensually with other adults when they take their pants off, you're a weirdo. - Author: Rob Delaney
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#28. It's not like I've ever been the popular pretty girl at school or anything. I was always such a weirdo. - Author: Maisie Williams
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#29. On 'Dawson's Creek,' those kids were supposed to be outsider kids - you know, wrong-side-of-the-track kids, weirdo kids. And I just felt like there's no universe out there where Katie Holmes isn't the prom queen, hottest girl in school. - Author: Rob Thomas
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#30. I'm a total weirdo and have often felt like an outcast and a freak, and I love that. It makes things so much more exciting. - Author: Zoe Kravitz
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#31. I was a weirdo. I think I wanted to be liked, but I didn't have the attention or bother to actually make an effort to be. I also think I had a different perception of what I needed to do to be liked. - Author: Halsey
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#32. Weird itself, even in the dictionary, is just something that is different and unexplainable. A weirdo is someone who follows their heart. Im definitely weird, aint nothing wrong with that. - Author: Kid Cudi
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#33. Kyle, open up. What kind of weirdo locks his bedroom door anyway?"
"The kind that has jerks staying over who steal girlfriends."
I pressed my fingers into my eyes and took a deep breath as the pain in back and legs got a little worse. "She wasn't your girlfriend."
"Irrelevant!" he yelled. - Author: Shelly Crane
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#34. He leans down and places a soft kiss on my nose. "What was that about?" I ask. Ronan smirks, running his hand through his hair and disheveling it a little. "Just felt like kissing your nose." "Weirdo," I tease. - Author: Mia Asher
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