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#1. Barrons was powerful, broodingly good-looking, insanely wealthy, frighteningly intelligent, and had exquisite taste, not to mention a hard body that emitted some kind of constant low-level charge. Bottom line: He was the stuff of heroes.
And psychotic killers. - Author: Karen Marie Moning
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#2. We never change. Neither our socks nor our masters nor our opinions, or we're so slow about it that it's no use. We were born loyal and that's what killed us! Soldiers free of charge, heroes for everyone else, talking monkeys, tortured words, we are the minions of King Misery ... It's not a life. - Author: Louis-Ferdinand Celine
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#3. To be one, to be united is a great thing. But to respect the right to be different is maybe even greater. - Author: Bono
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#4. Marriage: that I call the will of two to create the one who is more than those who created it. - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#5. It doesn't bother me when someone calls me a 'dumb blonde.' I'm neither dumb or blonde. - Author: Dolly Parton
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#6. You are caught in the current of unceasing change. Your life is a ripple in it. Every moment of your conscious life links the infinite past with the infinite future. Take part in both and you will not find the present empty. - Author: Oswald Spengler
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#7. Alpha heroes, even uberalpha heroes, still win readers' hearts. I like a masterful hero myself, but I also enjoy the idea that sometimes the heroine can be in charge. - Author: Emma Holly
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#8. It was the kind of talk that made me want to break off a limb and take to whacking her and that bunch of hypocrites across the back of the head. - Author: Joe R. Lansdale
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#9. One of the things I've really gotten past in the last couple of years is the idea of being made uncomfortable by the way things appear, rather than how things are. Clearly in this business you have to contend with a lot of that. - Author: Aimee Mann
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#10. Understanding the need for religion is a far superior goal to bashing it. - Author: Frans De Waal
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