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#1. Through dreams a door is opened to mythology, since myths are of the nature of dreams, and that, as dreams arise from an inward world unknown to waking consciousness, so do myths: so, indeed, does life.

Joseph Campbell

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#2. Strength isn't about what you can and cannot achieve. It's about what you will and will not do in order to achieve.

Chelsea Fine

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#3. To borrow the language of Augustine, God is not only superior summo meo
beyond my utmost heights
but also interior intimo meo
more inward to me than my inmost depths.

David Bentley Hart

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#4. I'm not a real gadgety person. But bottle opener is probably the gadget I can't live without. Actually, I can open a bottle of beer pretty easily without it, but wine is always too much of a pain in the (rear) to open that up. So a corkscrew is probably the gadget that I can't live without.

Dave Matthews

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#5. Always choose the adventure ... unless, it's chilly outside and there's a cup of warm coffee resting near a book and comfy sofa.

Barbara Brooke

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#6. People are attracted to the sociopath's exceptionalism like moths to a flame.

M.E. Thomas

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