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#1. I swear I will do everything in my power to change the situation in Tibet where human rights are being suppressed. Tibet seeks freedom and democracy and we agree on those values. - Author: Shinzo Abe
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#2. If I had a Volkswagon Beetle. I'd paint the front to resemble Glenn Langdon in War Of The Colossal Beast. Why? Two words: The Ladies. - Author: Dana Gould
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#3. She prefers cats to dogs, which is almost worse than being a conservative. - Author: Elizabeth Berg
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#4. Can I love someone ... and still think/fly? Love is flying, sown, floating. Thought is solitary flight, beating wings. - Author: Susan Sontag
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#5. Planet Hollywood has shrunk from seventy-five locations around the world to just over thirty-five over the past two years. No new Planet Hollywoods are opening, which in turn has caused a 100 percent decline in opportunities for Bruce Willis to play the harmonica. - Author: Jon Stewart
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#6. Ian was the kind of smart that makes your straight A student look like she'd drown in a wet paper bag. Ian was the kind of smart that scares people. - Author: Matt K. Turner
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#7. ...[I]n any inquiry you are likely to attain more nearly to knowledge of your object in proportion to the care and accuracy with which you have prepared yourself to understand that object in itself[.] - Author: Socrates
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#8. The Department of Justice transcends party because we're building on the Weed and Seed program. - Author: Janet Reno
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#9. The real power is in the hands of small groups of people and I don't think they have titles. - Author: Bob Dylan
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#10. I get quite lazy about cooking because when I come back from work it is the last thing I want to do, really is spend loads of time cooking. - Author: Prince William
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#11. Mom," say Malia Obame, "why dont you go get the photo albem of dad when he was a small boy, maybe it will jossel his memery."
"Good idea," Michele Obame say. "I guess thats why we call you the smart one," she go, and cast a look of disapoint at Sashe Obame. - Author: Seinfeld 2000
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#12. I know how to emulate crazy. - Author: A.G. Howard
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