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Top 14 Heiau Quotes

#1. It doesn't hurt me on a personal level, but it hurts me on a larger level of like, why are people so stupid? Why do we have to go through these unnecessary exercises. Fight crime, don't fight me. If you really want to make a difference don't fight me or Fugazi.

Ian MacKaye

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#2. I'd always been around kids, and when you don't have kids, you have a lot more time to do things. Before I had kids, I was a lot more prolific and wrote books a lot faster.

Doreen Cronin

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#3. One major should not get you into the Hall of Fame - maybe one major and 40 wins. I'm not gonna pick a guy with one major and 11 wins.

Ray Floyd

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#4. Reading an audio book is a very odd experience because there are three people sitting out there while you're reading in this glass booth, and you can see their reactions.

Ruth Reichl

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#5. Coming from Britain, I was terrified of meeting all these other artists, because artists over there tend to fight with each other a lot, the premise being that there's not enough room for everybody.

Thom Yorke

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#6. As always, we start off with asking, 'What's a good episode?' We don't think about timing, and we don't think about logistics. We just think about what would be good.

Marc Guggenheim

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#7. Dining with one's friends and beloved family is certainly one of life's primal and most innocent delights, one that is both soul-satisfying and eternal.

Julia Child

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#8. At Puuepa he erected the large heiau of Mookini, the stones for which were passed from hand-to-hand from Niulii, a distance of nine miles - a circumstance indicating the presence of a large population on Hawaii at that time. As it was one of the largest

King David Kalakaua

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#9. The States are separate and independent sovereigns. Sometimes they need to act like it.

John Roberts

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#10. The boys have to have a chance to be at peace, at rest, without someone listening, to favor or despise them depending on the way they talk act and think.

Orson Scott Card

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#11. We drank our whiskeys. It was the good stuff and it tasted of salt, sea, rain, wind and the Old Testament.

Adrian McKinty

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#12. Prayer is the very way God Himself has chosen for us to express our conscious need of Him and our humble dependence on Him.

John Stott

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#13. If Bob Barr (conservative republican congressman from Georgia) caught on fire and I was holding a bucket of water, it would be great act of discipline to pour it on him. I would do it, but I'd hate myself in the morning.

Barney Frank

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#14. What you're shooting at doesn't matter, the real question is: 'Does it give you joy?'

Jay Maisel

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