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#1. Hard, fast. He fucked me as if he hated me, but the words spilling out were nothing but love. - Author: Alessandra Torre
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#2. I'm tired of people disturbing the peace, getting on the radio and sounding a hot mess. If I can tell what the note really is, why let them go to the note they think it is? I've got that mama vibe. I don't look at it with an ego. - Author: Betty Wright
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#3. While they could appreciate the artistry of the dancers and musicians, they were not carried away by the pleasures they offered. They had their own dreams - to find answers concerning the spiritual quest and the renewal of society. - Author: Thich Nhat Hanh
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#4. Such a gift might be easily taken back again. - Author: Veronica Franco
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#5. I look at emotional pain as something we need to go through in order to grow and learn. - Author: Jacob Vargas
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#6. I don't think Michael Bloomberg would say that his greatest skill is delivering the speech. He would say he's more of a nuts-and-bolts mayor-picking up the trash, dealing with the school system. - Author: Eliot Spitzer
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#7. An exceptional book to read on!
The author has a writing style and cared!
I do not tell you more click on this book and give us your opinion.
Andrea Novick - Author: Philippe Le Douarec
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#8. Capitalism has neither the capacity, nor the morality, nor the ethics to solve the problems of poverty. - Author: Fidel Castro
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#9. She needs to sort out her priorities - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#10. The Spirit wants to make you threatening to all the forces of injustice and apathy and complacency that keep our world from flourishing. - Author: John Ortberg
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#11. I know; it's always been the words I
don't say that can move mountains. - Author: Hala Abdullah
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#12. The world doesn't need another opinion, they need another person taking action. So I take action because I see the call and respond. - Author: Will.i.am
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#13. All I'm saying is that worrying about it isn't going to fix anything. The only thing we can do is keep on with our own small thing and try hard to be good and to make life better, and know that if it all ends tomorrow that we were at least happy. - Author: Lauren Groff
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#14. I can't quite remember the exact moment when I became obsessed with writing a play about the seemingly endless war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but I knew that I wanted to somehow tell the stories of the Congolese women caught in the cross-fire. - Author: Lynn Nottage
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#15. To wear something like that your whole life is the largest compliment someone can pay to you as an artist. - Author: H.R. Giger
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