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Top 12 Heathcliff Power Quotes

#1. We can't have sex all night," Tyson mumbled to himself. You can fucking die trying.

Richard Raley

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#2. When two people form an unbreakable bond, it's like a reactor, feeding them power and heat and a sense of belonging. It makes them strong. They're the true superheroes.

Kresley Cole

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#3. I never make mistakes, just the odd error or misjudgement now and again

Marilyn L. Rice

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#4. The knowledge, which makes you 'emotional', is worldly awareness. True awareness does not make you 'emotional'.

Dada Bhagwan

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#5. To be honest, when I was writing these stories a million years ago, I never thought about movies at all one way or another. It would have seemed almost miraculous for these things to be movies someday. To me, they were just comic books that I hoped would sell so I could keep my job.

Stan Lee

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#6. He had enlightened Marius by chance and without being aware of the fact, as does a candle which some one brings; he had been the candle and not the some one.

Victor Hugo

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#7. Dirk clenched and unclenched his fists under the table. "In case you haven't noticed, she ain't interested in you."
"Only cause I haven't properly applied myself. I can be Prince-Fucking-Charming when I apply myself."

Victoria Vane

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#8. The most disastrous thing that you can ever learn is your first programming language.

Alan Kay

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#9. That's the difference between girls and women: Girls find men fascinating. Women know better.

Candace Bushnell

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#10. Professor Kettleburn, our Care of Magical Creatures teacher, retired at the end of last year in order to enjoy more time with his remaining limbs.

J.K. Rowling

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#11. Ernie got it,' I said afterwards. 'His experience taught him that you've got to fight for what's right. It gets you into a lot of trouble but he came to the same conclusion as me.' People think it could never happen here. Don't you believe it; it doesn't take much.

Denis Avey

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#12. If you witness evil men committing evil deeds and do nothing, what does that make you?

K.L. Toth

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