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#1. If you were in the Brondby dressing room right now, which of the Liverpool players would you be looking at? - Author: Ray Stubbs
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#2. The only thing we'll get from trying to figure out where another path would have taken us are questions there are no answers to, and heatbreak that can't be healed. Regardless of how we got there, all any of us can do is move forward frome where we are. - Author: Mia Sheridan
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#3. I certainly like working harder than a lot of my peers. The trick is embracing it. - Author: Topher Grace
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#4. Excuse us for the news,
You might not be amused;
But did you know White comes from Black?
No need to be confused. - Author: Chuck D
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#5. I've been doing the hotel accounting long enough to know that two and two equals whatever you want it to be. It's simply a matter of perception and misdirection. - Author: Jana Deleon
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#6. I have two choices: God's way or my way. When I depend on myself, I worry, when I depend on God I find confidence. - Author: Daniel B Lancaster
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#7. 'We're not ... we haven't been writing poetry and sprinkling rose petals and tripping hand in hand under rainbows, Kay.'
'Just because you have Y chromosomes doesn't mean you can't tell each other how you feel, Dylan. Your penises won't fall off if you do.' - Author: Kim Fielding
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#8. For the body tells all to him who knows the language, and doesn't lie. - Author: Kai Ashante Wilson
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#9. What people love about Santorum is he is who is he. He speaks his words. He loves God. He loves his country, and he loves gays. - Author: Foster Friess
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#10. Whatever is not commonly seen is condemned as alien. - Author: Iris Chang
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#11. The greater part of a men who speak ill of women are speaking of a certain woman. - Author: Remy De Gourmont
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#12. I started to watch 'Play for Today' and plays like 'Cathy Come Home,' and Kenneth Branagh's 'Billy' trilogy in the 1980s, which took us into the world of the Belfast family. As a kid in Luton, how was I ever going to know that world otherwise? - Author: Colin Salmon
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#13. But I think that any young drummer starting out today should get himself a great teacher and learn all there is to know about the instrument that he wants to play. - Author: Buddy Rich
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#14. We should so work as if we were to be saved by our works; and so rely on Jesus Christ, as if we did no works. - Author: Francis Asbury
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#15. It's not the poverty of material abundance but the poverty of love makes life miserable. - Author: Debasish Mridha
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#16. Gandalf: Three hundred lives of men I have walked this earth and now I have no time. - Author: J.R.R. Tolkien
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