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#1. I know that when a fighter is out of the ring for more than two years, when he comes back he isn't the same anymore. Each fighter is different. But each must think, even if something goes wrong, 'I have to make this decision and live with it for the rest of my life.' - Author: Marvin Hagler
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#2. Taught little girl to fight, no?" "Yes," I agreed, wincing at the memory.
"But little girl is not so little anymore," he said taking in the gold of my kefta. "You come back to train with Botkin. I hit big girl same as little girl."
"That's very egalitarian of you. - Author: Leigh Bardugo
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#3. We're gold."
"You know no one says that anymore," Left Ned said. "Gold isn't what it used to be."
"Gold is just the same as ever," I said. "People aren't what they used to be. - Author: Devon Monk
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#4. I've always questioned the way dancers, myself included, must do the same role year in and year out. It's important for me to be able to say to myself, 'O.K., I don't want to be a prince anymore. I want to put on a leather jockstrap and pose.' - Author: David Hallberg
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#5. A lot of DJs who started the same time as me, they are not to be seen anymore. And I get so much love and respect from the young DJs, and some of them look up to me or ask me for advice. I am almost like the mentor. - Author: Tiesto
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#6. Charles realized that if he were going to apologize to Chrestomanci, he had better do it at once. He turned around to say it. But the folds had already rippled flat and nothing was the same anymore ... - Author: Diana Wynne Jones
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#7. When I was released from prison everybody thought I'd go back to doing the same things I did before, but I had no desire to do any of that anymore. That stuff steals, kills, and destroys your life and robs you of all the blessings that God has for you. - Author: Christian Hosoi
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#8. She doesn't like to talk about him, and I know that she hasn't been the same since he died. She's not quite here anymore; there's something missing in all of her smiles, like a blurry spot or a camera lens out of focus. Part of her followed him, wherever it was he went. - Author: Kendare Blake
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#9. So what will happen now?" / "Same thing as happens every other time you've come here," said the old woman. "You go home." / "I don't know where that is anymore," I told them. / "You always say that," said Ginnie. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#10. They tell you you'll forget how it used to be. You'll get used to it, that it's better to move on. They don't realize you can't. You're not the same person anymore. - Author: Amanda Sun
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#11. Our culture has made us all the same. No one is truly white or black or rich, anymore. We all want the same. Individually, we are nothing. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
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#12. I really believed Obama when he spoke in 2008, but I remember watching his victory speech after this last election and it was the same speech. Exactly the same speech. I felt like he didn't even believe it anymore. He seemed to be tired of saying the same thing. - Author: Andrew Dominik
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#13. As a movie actor, once you've become known, you're observed all the time so you don't get the chance to observe anymore. You still get a taste of life but it's not quite the same and there's something to be said for a more anonymous life. - Author: Clint Eastwood
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#14. I'm not 17 anymore. I still have some of the same sort of anger, but I have a sense of humor about it ... a sense of being constructive with that anger. - Author: Dave Pirner
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#15. Whatever problems we had back then don't exist anymore. It's why we have this second chance, and we can't throw it away. Besides, you were the one who said we're not exactly the same as we were back then. If we're not the same, then things can turn out differently. - Author: Michelle Madow
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#16. Once you've heard the joke, it's not funny anymore, but it's the way it's told. And I think that's the same with the music: The reason some of my songs have lasted longer is there's a lot of stuff packed in there. You want to hear them more than once. - Author: Tom Lehrer
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#17. I can't even listen to Swans anymore. It doesn't do it for me at all, but I absolutely adore the early records and, on that same token, I wouldn't in any way wish for them to come back and repeat themselves. - Author: Justin Broadrick
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#18. I was not 15 anymore, and choices no longer had that same clear, bright edge to them. - Author: Geraldine Brooks
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#19. We actually created Twitter and Odeo at the same time. When we realized we didn't really want to be running Odeo anymore we looked around for anyone who wanted to buy Odeo, but not acquire us as a technology. But people aren't as interested in that. - Author: Biz Stone
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#20. You know, my brother won't walk out of a restaurant with me anymore because he doesn't want to be linked to me as my new 'mystery man.' Same with my close guy friends. - Author: Ashley Greene
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#21. I slept with my mother until I was nine years old. It was OK for the first few years, and then I don't know what happened. I just couldn't do it anymore. I mean, sleeping with the same woman, night after night. Boring! - Author: Laura Kightlinger
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#22. Okay, so he wasn't dreaming anymore, but did this fall into same song second verse? He would just have to play this out and see what happened. - Author: Kindle Alexander
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#23. Everything is not going to go right, not just on the field but also in business. There were times I was injured on the field and could not play for a year or more. It was easy to quit and say, "I can't do it anymore." It taught me I can bounce back. It's the same in business. - Author: Shawne Merriman
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#24. News flash, lady. There are no queens anymore," Shane said. He loaded shells in a shotgun and snapped it shut, then searched for a place to strap it on that didn't interfere with the flamethrower. "No queens, no kings, no emperors. Not in America. Only CEOs. Same thing, but not so many crowns. - Author: Rachel Caine
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#25. Before I met Oscar, I was fine. But then I met him, and I knew him, and I loved him, and he died, and after that, in an Oscarless world, I couldn't go back to the way I was before I knew him, because I wasn't the same person anymore. He mutated me. - Author: Charles Baxter
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#26. I couldn't bear the road anymore. I'm sure that a lot of people who have been on the road a long time will say the same thing. After a while, waiting for bedroom service and planes - I wanted to go home. - Author: Barry Manilow
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#27. Even as a kid, if I would come across something cool in the record store, that would be how I found out about bands. It's kind of the same way these days. In a way even less because there are no record stores to go to anymore. - Author: Scott Ian
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#28. When you're not smoking anymore, you don't have to carry around a pack of cigarettes, a lighter - all this paraphernalia. So you're liberated in a certain sense. It's the same with drinking. - Author: Brice Marden
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#29. It's not beautiful anymore...It's not perfect.'
'They're not the same thing. - Author: Peter Facinelli
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#30. If you have to be frightening, you need some actors around you to be really frightened. And if they're not frightened, you're not so frightening anymore. In the same way, people say, 'I think you come in, and you're really sexy'. But how do you play sexy? It depends on the eyes that are looking. - Author: Mads Mikkelsen
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#31. I get why no one bothers with the usual rules," ... "I was in the war, too, you know. Nothing looks or feels the same anymore, so what's the point?" ... "Still, I miss good old-fashioned honorable people just trying to make something of life. Simply, without hurting anyone else. - Author: Paula McLain
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#32. I want to be affirmatively proud of what I have made my way through. And to do that, in the same way I had to tell my father and my family and my friends that I was gay, I need to not hide this anymore. - Author: Christine Quinn
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