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#1. The frequency of automobile accidents is declining in North Carolina, but the severity of accidents involving bodily injury is rising in the state. That's something we will keep our eyes on in preparing our request next February. - Author: Tim Lucas
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#2. We must be willing to learn the lesson that cooperation may imply compromise, but if it brings a world advance it is a gain for each individual nation. - Author: Eleanor Roosevelt
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#3. I mean, we're really making a quantum change in our relationship to the plant world with genetic modification. - Author: Michael Pollan
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#4. There's no shortage of great ideas. There's a shortage of execution. - Author: Seth Godin
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#5. Violence: these days, it is all the rage - Author: Lauren Baratz-Logsted
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#6. There may well be a scientific paper to be written on why walking in an art gallery is so much more exhausting than, say, climbing Helvellyn. My guess is that it is something to do with the energy required to hold muscles in tension, combined with the mental exertion of wondering what to say. - Author: David Nicholls
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#7. God help thee, old man, thy thoughts have created a creature in thee; and he whose intense thinking thus makes him a Prometheus; a vulture feeds upon that heart forever; the vulture the very creature he creates. - Author: Herman Melville
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#8. Ranger appeared in the bathroom doorway and I was too relieved to be embarrassed. "I appreciate you coming out in the middle of the night," I said.
Ranger smiled. "I didn't want to miss seeing you chained up naked. - Author: Janet Evanovich
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#9. Horror isn't only about ghosts or monsters. For example, paranormal romance seems the antithesis of horror. Once you have a sexy, fun vampire who is sweet, and you have a happy ending, it's not horror. - Author: Ellen Datlow
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#10. You've always had the power right there in your shoes, you just had to learn it for yourself. - Author: William Blake
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#11. It's not a 24-hour news cycle, it's a 60-second news cycle now, it's instantaneous. It has never been easier to get away with telling lies. It has never been easier to get away with the glib one liner. - Author: Malcolm Turnbull
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