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#1. The contradiction so puzzling to the ordinary way of thinking comes from the fact that we have to use language to communicate our inner experience, which in its very nature transcends linguistics. - Author: D.T. Suzuki
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#2. Working from home as a mother is the worst of everything. You don't have clear boundaries. The kids can get used to you going to work; they can't get used to you ignoring them. And work sometimes gets the message you're not as committed. - Author: Karen Finerman
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#3. I've been telling people 'I'm going to go to California, and I'm going to be a big star' since the womb, but lately it was immediately followed by, 'Would you like soup or salad with that?' - Author: Diane Ruggiero
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#4. When I was young, my parents were these titanic, infallible figures. But Mum's illness and Dad's battles with diabetes and heart attacks had a ripple effect on me - reminding me of my own mortality and that these illnesses are genetic. - Author: Sam Worthington
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#5. If I owned Gideon, he possessed me. I couldn't imagine belonging to anyone else. - Author: Sylvia Day
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#6. What a wonderful description. - Author: Deyth Banger
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#7. With each stride, I realize I'm not so emotionally overwhelmed anymore. A sense of purpose and fulfillment has replaced my feelings of helplessness. - Author: Sandra Vischer
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#8. You fell in love with someone because of the tilt of his smile, or because he could make you laugh, or in this case, because he made you believe that you were the only one who could save him. - Author: Jodi Picoult
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#9. You are my home, Kelsey. Wherever you are is where I belong. - Author: Colleen Houck
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#10. I did not want to die at all. Understand that. But I could not let everything be destroyed, when I had it in my power to stop the destruction. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#11. Ultimately, Hausner's efforts regarding the murder were thwarted when questions posed by both Servatius and the judges proved that Avraham Gordon, whom Hausner called as the witness to the murder, could not have observed it.

-- The Eichmann Trial, page 99 - Author: Deborah E. Lipstadt
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#12. Statistics may be defined as the discipline concerned with the treatment of numerical data derived from groups of individuals. - Author: Peter Armitage
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