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#1. I gritted my teeth. I hated being called Dot. Only my great aunt Maureen could get away with that. And she was gone now so there was no one left to torment me. Except Honey. - Author: Suzanne Trauth
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#2. I would have hated to been locked into music for the last 20 years and not been able to have a family. - Author: Jerry Only
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#3. Some crazy man came up to me and started screaming at me about how he hated Allah, and before I could tell him that my family was part of the Catholic Church in India, he knifed me. - Author: Eric Jerome Dickey
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#4. Laroche was wrong about that, wrong about men not understanding love.
Anyway, most of the romantic poems and songs and paintings in the world were by men, so what was she talking about? - Author: Josh Lanyon
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#5. You know what family values means, that's hating the same people your grandfather hated. - Author: Robert Anton Wilson
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#6. There is a little boy inside the man who is my brother ... Oh, how I hated that little boy. And how I love him too. - Author: Anna Quindlen
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#7. And when he got home he started on Mumma. He hated her then, because in her fatness and untidiness and drabness she reminded him of what he himself was when he was sober. - Author: Ruth Park
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#8. When I was a kid my family was really poor and I remember one Halloween I wanted to dress up really scary and my parents came home with a duck costume. I wore that costume for years! I hated it. - Author: R.L. Stine
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#9. In every state of the Union, Fundamentalists still fight to ban all the science they dislike and prosecute all who teach it. To them, 'traditional family values' denotes their right to keep their children as ignorant as their grandparents (and to hate the same folks grand-dad hated.) - Author: Robert Anton Wilson
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#10. She didn't want to keep talking about him as if everything was okay. Worst of all, she hated sorting through his mail. Reading the hatred people had for her family and worse, reading how others immortalized him into a god for what he'd done. - Author: Anais Torres
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#11. When you start one of these programs, school lunch programs, in a country that heretofore had nothing of that kind, immediately school enrollment jumps dramatically. Girls and boys get to the classroom with the promise of a good meal once a day. - Author: George McGovern
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#12. You want a happy family?"
"I'd love a miserable one where everyone hated each other."
"So we could find redemption in each other's arms. - Author: Peter Tieryas
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#13. I hated lying to my family.
I had no choice.
As a werewolf, the pack'd go apeshit if they found out I'd spent the last few months shagging a cat.

~Kyle Larsen - Author: J.A. Belfield
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#14. When I was a kid, my dad kind of forced me to sing the third harmony for our little family group, and I just kind of hated it. I just felt so uncomfortable on stage, too shy. - Author: Nathaniel Rateliff
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#15. When I was in high school, my mom hated football. But then, the more I played, the more it grew on her. This game has done a lot for my family - not just from a financial standpoint, but it also helped bring my family together. - Author: Nick Ferguson
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#16. Avoid all controversy in preaching, talking, or writing; preach nothing down but the devil, and nothing up but Jesus Christ. - Author: John Berridge
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#17. Things like dating, family, and friends are just so valuable to me and I didn't want to put any strain on any of those relationships and you can see how the cameras around people can make people a little bit loopy. I didn't want to bring that into my life. - Author: Whitney Port
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#18. I don't think there's any danger of my ever becoming complacent about losing. I always hated to lose, regardless of what it was, even when the family was playing Yahtzee. - Author: Darin Erstad
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#19. Thomas hated the people who'd taken this poor, innocent kid form his family. He hated them with a passion he didn't know a human could feel. He wanted them dead, tortured, even. He wanted Chuck to be happy. But happiness had been ripped form their lives. Love had been ripped from their lives. - Author: James Dashner
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#20. The more impenetrable you are , the more you keep yourself hidden from people , lesser would be the damage that they can do to you . - Author: Saurabh Aggarwal
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#21. Sometimes, the only way out of the fire is through the fire, m'boy. - Author: Julie Anne Long
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#22. the multiple angry assaults on the "traditional family" are the rotten fruit of Christians corrupting the beauty and strength of the "covenantal family" of the Bible into the hated "hierarchical family" of the stereotypes so loved by feminists and others. Still - Author: Os Guinness
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#23. I grew up in a farming family. I hated cleaning out the chickens but loved hatching them and feeding the new born sheep. The smell of hot milk still has a special resonance for me. Harvest was back-breaking work, though ... Where do you think Jesus got his biceps from? - Author: Joseph Mawle
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#24. Why did I have to be a good boy just because I had a bad-boy brother? I hated the way my mom and dad did family math. - Author: Benjamin Alire Saenz
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#25. This was the woman Narasimhan had married, as opposed to whatever girl from Madras his family wanted for him. Subhash wondered how his family reacted to her. He wondered if she'd ever been to India. If she had, he wondered whether she'd liked it or hated it. He could not guess from looking at her - Author: Jhumpa Lahiri
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#26. I used to worry, 'I've lost my family.' They hated me for a while, but they're very resilient. - Author: Ronnie Wood
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#27. My family has always called me 'Lay Lay,' and my dad used to always call me 'Dynamite Termite' because I was really short and small and I hated to be still. I would never stop. - Author: Lacey Chabert
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#28. I hated this love that I had for my family - love that demanded my time and energy, that sought to control my life down to every thought and action.
I now realize that it was not love but an unhealthy attachment, born out of a need for security and a sense of duty. - Author: Indu Muralidharan
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#29. The moment you place someone on a pedestal they will look down upon you. - Author: Charlie Shaw
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#30. For the most part, the first thing people I meet that aren't Mormon say is, 'I grew up with a Mormon family. They're the nicest people I know.' So when I see these statistics that it's the most hated religion, I don't know where they're getting that from. - Author: Brandon Flowers
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#31. Still, I never heard him say that he hated or wanted to hurt or kill someone for all the horrific things that had been happening to him and his family. - Author: Savo Heleta
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#32. I was born William. My father was William. I came from a big family, I hated being called Billy. Willem's a nickname; it's a Dutch name, very common in the Netherlands. - Author: Willem Dafoe
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