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#1. Brahman is the ultimate reality; it is simultaneously Saguna and Nirguna; divisions are due to ignorance. Mind and intellect can never catch hold of it; they have only one option and that is to merge with it.

Amit Ray

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#2. A novelist is similar to a triathlete. Train hard every day. You will be timed and measured. Budget to promote, grow, and be without fear.

Caroline Gerardo

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#3. My biggest criticism is how can people be so easily satisfied? Even people with talent.

Vivienne Westwood

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#4. I'm lucky I have a fast metabolism ... my whole family does ... everyone's got a lot of nervous energy so we burn it off.

Claire Foy

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#5. For what was the great controversy permitted to continue throughout the ages? Why was it that Satan's existence was not cut short at the outset of his rebellion? It was that the universe might be convinced of God's justice in His dealing with evil; that sin might receive eternal condemnation.

Ellen G. White

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#6. All along, I had known tonight wasn't real. But somehow, I'd been telling myself I could enjoy this little game of make-believe and walk away when the story ended. God, I'd been such a fool. His

Sabrina Stark

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#7. It's not the content of our dreams that gives our second heart its dark color; it's the thoughts that go through our heads in those wakeful moments when sleep won't come. And those are the things we never tell anyone at all.

Carolyn Parkhurst

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#8. With our own shortcomings, we are in no position to judge anyone else. The best way to forget the faults of others is to remember our own.

Nicky Gumbel

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#9. Time's a slut, she screws with everyone.

John Green

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#10. The development agenda is not a straightforward one; it's a process with serious hurdles, but it's a path we've chosen to go down.

Augustin Matata Ponyo

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#11. If you consider only utility, the things you build will soon be useless ... nobody wants to be in it.

Roger Scruton

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#12. If TV seems improved, I think it's been enhanced by violence and sex permissible on cable, as well as better cinematography, but in the end it's really only soap operas like your grandmother's afternoon "stories" and that's all it wants to be or has to be.

William Monahan

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