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Top 38 Happy To Have A Son Quotes

#1. If you observe a really happy man you will find him building a boat, writing a symphony, educating his son, growing Double Dahlias in his garden.

David W. Wolfe

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#2. Under her thick pancake makeup, her skin had been pockmarked, but he would stare at her adoringly from his cot at night and imagine her scars were constellations, a secret map to a far-off, happy place.

Sarah Addison Allen

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#3. I like it in Manchester. I thought it was going to be much colder, but it is not too bad. And my wife and son are happy here, too.

Sergio Aguero

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#4. Sarah and Michael shared many happy years together. On their seventh anniversary, their prayers were answered with the birth of a son, Stephen. Stephen was followed by Luke, Lydia, and Esther.

Francine Rivers

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#5. Happy Graduation," he said.
"Now go get her.

Jennifer E. Smith

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#6. My son wants to be Batman and he wants the Batman costume that comes in the mail. It has fake muscles in it, which is very disconcerting on a four-year-old.

Matthew Broderick

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#7. I'm a smart girl. There are decisions that I make for reasons, and the most important thing is that my son is happy and he always will be. He's surrounded by love.

Christina Aguilera

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#8. It makes me happy when my sons come home and tell me, 'We bumped into Donatella and she says hi.

Stephanie Seymour

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#9. The human experience of weakness is God's blueprint for calling attention to the supremacy of his Son. When miserably failing people continue to belong to, believe in, and worship Jesus, God is happy.

Michael Spencer

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#10. I wrote for television some, animation. Batman the Animated Series, Superman the Animated Series, Son of Batman, things of that nature were made and I'm happy about that, but now the recent film and TV stuff have validated me, as if that makes any sense.

Joe R. Lansdale

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#11. When my son was growing up, I was always guilty, no matter what I did. Make decisions and be happy with the decisions you've made. I tell myself, in the long run, it's the love, the quality of relationships that you have with your family, your friends and giving back to the community that matters.

Padmasree Warrior

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#12. My father passed on one important piece of relationship advice before he died. He said son, in a relationship you can either be right or you can be happy. You'll soon find out that you don't care that much about being right.

Ralphie May

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#13. Happy is the son whose faith in his mother remains unchallenged.

Louisa May Alcott

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#14. One little second of pleasure, a whole life of pain ... my mother knew nothing of the pleasures of a good roll in the hay ... she missed out on all that ... like me, her son ... a lifetime of sacrifice! ... the woman who can grunt and rave in the throes of a deep fuck can die happy ...

Louis-Ferdinand Celine

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#15. Muddy Waters was, like, the king! He had a lot of adopted sons and daughters. I was just happy to be one of them.

Robert Cray

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#16. Wisdom of the Ages: "The Nativity" The Son of God was born in a manger-not surprising, have you seen the prices of hotel rooms in Bethlehem? Oy Vay! Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah Peace!

Matthew D. Heines

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#17. I do my work and do the best I can. I'm quite happy with my anonymity. All I can ever hope for is that I continue to do great work that will be remembered, and I leave my imprint so that my son can say proudly, 'That's my dad!'

Eamonn Walker

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#18. Son," his father said, leaning forward. "Stories don't always have happy endings." This stopped him. Because they didn't, did they? That's one thing the monster had definitely taught him. Stories were wild, wild animals and went off in directions you couldn't expect. His

Patrick Ness

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#19. It is not in the bright, happy day, but only in the solemn night, that other worlds are to be seen shining in their long, long distances. And it is in sorrow - the night of the soul - that we see farthest, and know ourselves natives of infinity, and sons and daughters of the Most High.

William Mountford

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#20. For whom the Lord loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth. 13. Happy is the man that findeth wisdom, and the man that getteth understanding.


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#21. Life itself has so much politics, why should I make it my profession? I'm just a politician's son, not a politician myself. Two politicians, that's my dad and elder brother, in the family are enough. I'm happy doing my own stuff in Bollywood.

Riteish Deshmukh

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#22. Any man may believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and be happy in that belief, and yet not obey his commandments, and at last be cut down for disobedience to the Lord's righteous requirements.

Joseph Smith Jr.

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#23. I'm 64 years old and, yeah, I went through a transition in my life last year, with the death of my son, that woke me up to a lot of things. You know, I'm perfectly happy in my own little groove. Marching along, building my company, and you know, a happy person.

Carl Paladino

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#24. Victory does not feel so good as losing feels bad. When you have a son, you are happy. But it's no comparison to the sadness you feel losing a son.

Toni Nadal

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#25. There's a picture of Christopher and the real Ken Titus and myself in my dressing room. He's a great guy, by the way. I just think the real Ken is just super. And he's so happy for his son's success.

Stacy Keach

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#26. Elinor placed all that was astonishing in this way of acting to his mother's account; and it was happy for her that he had a mother whose character was so imperfectly known to her, as to be the general excuse for every thing strange on the part of her son.

Jane Austen

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#27. Tis a happy thing To be the father unto many sons.

William Shakespeare

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#28. The last one had been that of his father, who'd died happy in the knowledge that his son was maintaining

Terry Pratchett

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#29. My son is healthy and happy, so that's all that matters to me.

Christina Aguilera

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#30. I am happy now, to recall that I was not only his son but his companion, and whenever there was a hunting expedition or any other pleasure, I was always with him.

John Philip Sousa

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#31. As in any person's life, there have been difficult moments: I have a son with Down's syndrome; through my photography, I have witnessed all manner of human degradation. But there have also been very happy moments.

Sebastiao Salgado

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#32. I've won a lot of times with my wife and son here, and I've won solo. I don't think there's a formula for when the come out and when they don't I'm simply happy to win.

Vijay Singh

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#33. In my son's kindergarten, they're telling us how to get him into Stanford. By their advice, I'm doing everything wrong, because I'm trying to make him happy rather than putting him through as many piano lessons as possible.

Sebastian Thrun

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#34. I have a son. I love my son. I want everything that I do to be so safe that I would be happy to have my son operating it. That's my fundamental rule.

Hyman Rickover

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#35. My only job is to be happy. So for everybody that cares about me and is not trying to be all up in a celebrity's business, just know that I'm happy. My son is happy. We enjoy our lives,

Jill Scott

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#36. Running just makes me happy. I love the freedom of running. I ran until I was seven and a half months pregnant with each of my babies. When I gave birth to my first son, my doctor said I couldn't run for six weeks. I was sneaking back out after eight days.

Kim Alexis

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#37. My father said, 'Son, when you grow up, I don't want you to be a member of a party that caters to the oppressed and the poor. You have to aspire to be a member of a party that is happy, winning and influential.'

Hector Ruiz

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#38. She loves him the way a mother should love their child. Thoroughly. Completely. To her, he's the most important person in the world and I'm so very happy they have that.

Nyrae Dawn

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