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Top 40 Happy Sat Quotes

#1. When the writing fit came on, she gave herself up to it with entire abandon, and led a blissful life, unconscious of want, care, or bad weather, while she sat safe and happy in an imaginary world, full of friends almost as real and dear to her as any in the flesh.

Louisa May Alcott

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#2. Darwinists are right to say that selection favours the organisms that leave alive the most progeny, but vigorous growth takes place within a constrained space where feedback from the environment allows the emergence of natural self-regulation.

James E. Lovelock

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#3. I sat on that crowded bus, I grasped two things: I wasn't as happy as I could be, and my life wasn't going to change unless I made it change. In that single moment, with that realization, I decided to dedicate a year to trying to be happier.

Gretchen Rubin

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#4. I sat down at the table, took a deep breath, smiled at Detective Masterson, and nodded at Deputy Slalom. It was going to be a great summer. Normal.

Erynn Mangum

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#5. Why did some of the impoverished children in Indonesia create a happy playtime with only some sticks and string, while others sat bored and sullen?

Shawn Achor

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#6. At noon I get to the gym to do my boxing workout. Three hours there. Rest. Once in a while I get a massage, because I need it once in while.

Juan Manuel Marquez

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#7. The Little House was very happy as she sat on the hill and watched the countryside around her. She watched the sun rise in the morning and she watched the sun set in the evening. Day followed day, each one a little different from the one before ... but the Little House stayed just the same.

Virginia Lee Burton

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#8. Earlier today Martha Stewart issued a statement saying 'I am innocent and will fight to clear my name.' Yeah, Martha then said 'I look forward to the day when people stop thinking I am guilty and get back to thinking I am cold and arrogant.'

Conan O'Brien

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#9. With her toddler playing on the floor by her feet, his widow now nursed her new baby on the porch of her homeplace, attended by comforting women who sat with their knitting and embroidery and spoke only of happy things.

Lois Lowry

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#10. In the next room a freckly girl Julia's age sat in a wheelchair. One of her legs wasn't there. She'd probably love to have my stammer if she could have her leg back, and I wondered if being happy's about other people's misery.

David Mitchell

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#11. He brewed his tea in a blue china pot, poured it into a chipped white cup with forget-me-nots on the handle, and dropped in a dollop of honey and cream. He sat by the window, cup in hand, watching the first snow fall. "I am," he sighed deeply, "contented as a clam. I am a most happy man.

Ethel Pochocki

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#12. I almost always urge people to write in the first person ... Writing is an act of ego and you might as well admit it.

William Zinsser

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#13. Julia smiled as if he'd given her a present and eagerly sat in it, pulling her legs under herself and curling up like a kitten. Gabriel could swear that he heard her purring. He smiled at the sight of her, momentarily relaxed and almost happy over such a trivial event.

Sylvain Reynard

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#14. People say: 'Oh, but would you be happy for your show to go on BBC3 if it was just online?' If I was sat here telling you I had just signed a huge deal with Netflix you'd be going: 'Wow, that's amazing.' You can't see it as 'Oh, it's no longer a channel because it's not on TV.'

James Corden

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#15. Frog said, 'I wrote 'Dear Toad, I am glad that you are my best friend. Your best friend, Frog.' 'Oh,' said Toad, 'that makes a very good letter.'Then Frog and Toad went out onto the front porch to wait for the mail. They sat there, feeling happy together.

Arnold Lobel

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#16. I suppose, to be fair, I don't miss the energy of youth very much - because I was never fit. So it doesn't matter not being able to walk miles, striding the countryside, taking deep breaths and enjoying the scenery. That was never on my agenda.

Maeve Binchy

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#17. In my song you catch at times Note sweeter far than mine, And in the tangle of my rhymes Can scent the eglantine.

Alfred Austin

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#18. I'm not sure whether I've been happy. After my last book tour, I sat on my balcony with a cup of tea. I thought: 'You can't rewind the movie. I've spent more than half my life in the Middle East. There have been great moments of horror and depression and loneliness.'

Robert Fisk

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#19. I sat with the grandson of Edgar Rice Burroughs at the world premiere of 'Tarzan,' and at the end of the film, he was very happy. He told me that we were bringing 'Tarzan' to a whole new generation, and he was very grateful.

Kevin Lima

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#20. The more specific the interpretation suggested by a picture, the less happy I am with it.

Philip-Lorca DiCorcia

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#21. One night some short weeks ago, for the first time in her not always happy life, Marilyn Monroe's soul sat down alone to a quiet supper from which it did not rise.

Clifford Odets

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#22. We sat talking on a rock. The air was filled with the tang of sea-weed and of something else that could only have been the ocean smell. I felt so happy that I wasn't even afraid it wouldn't last.

Tove Jansson

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#23. And so I sat in the centre of this old city that I loved, which itself sat at the bottom of a tiny island. I was surrounded by people I loved, and I felt happy and miserable at the same time. I thought of what a mess everything had been, but that it wouldn't always be this way.

Hanif Kureishi

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#24. Women always think that if they tell a man not to be pompous that will shut him up, but I am an old hand at that game. I know that if a man bides his time his moment will come.

Robertson Davies

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#25. Detective work is neither a happy nor a satisfying business, Miss Rook," said Jackaby, settling in as the amber buildings sailed past our window. "Marlowe will understand." "I don't understand at all." Commissioner Marlowe kept his voice low and even as we sat across from him the following morning.

William Ritter

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#26. Po Campo had given him a hailstone dipped in molasses and he sat licking it and feeling alternately happy and sad while the men got dressed and prepared to be cowboys again.

Larry McMurtry

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#27. Reyes and I sat arm in arm in the back of the rented SUV. He seemed relieved. Happy.

Darynda Jones

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#28. The minute I sat in front of a canvas I was happy. Because it was a world, and I could do what I liked in it.

Alice Neel

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#29. He went up to his room and sat down at the desk to write the hardest note he'd ever written in his life. He tore up four attempts before he was happy with what he'd written. It was short and to the point.

"You mean everything to me."


Michelle Frost

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#30. She sent him a warm and gentle wind, and Lord Odysseus was happy as he set his sails to catch the breeze. He sat beside the steering oar and used his skill to steer the raft.


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#31. He lit his cigar and sat back at peace with the world; I, too, was at peace in another world than his. We both were happy. He talked of Julia and I heard his voice, unintelligible at a great distance, like a dog's barking miles away on a still night.

Evelyn Waugh

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#32. When I am with composers, I say I am a conductor. When I am with conductors, I say I am a composer.

Leonard Bernstein

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#33. Felix just sat there, not smirking exactly - or not so as you could call him on it - but clearly happy with how unhappy he'd managed to make all of us.

Sarah Monette

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#34. A liar should have a good memory. - Quintilian, Institutions Oratoriae, iv. 2, 91

Jodi Picoult

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#35. As an idle mind either recalls its past or worries about its future, this Mr. Patil had sat indulged in his past. How beautiful his past life was, happy, lively and warm as the morning itself. It was a perfectly pictured cheerful life of a

Ganesh Shiva Aithal

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#36. Sit down and shut up," said Melody. "You volunteered for this." Happy looked at her. "I did? When?" "When I told you to," said Melody. "Oh, well, that's all right then," said Happy. He sat down.

Simon R. Green

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#37. I have sat here happy in the gardens, Watching the still pool and the reeds And the dark clouds ... But though I greatly delight In these and the water lilies, That which sets me nighest to weeping Is the rose and white colour of the smooth flag-stones, And the pale yellow grasses Among them.

Richard Aldington

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#38. Elphaba looked like something between an animal and an Animal, like something more than life but not quite Life.

Gregory Maguire

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#39. I was a complete unknown when I did 'Karate Kid.' I'd just done a pilot for a TV show called 'Call to Glory.' And I sat down with John Avildsen and brought still pictures from the show. I brought pictures! At that point, I would've been happy to be in a dog-food commercial.

Elisabeth Shue

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#40. Afterwards, he just sat, happy to live in the past. The drink made past happy things contemporary with the present, as if they were still going on, contemporary even with the future as if they were about to happen again.

F Scott Fitzgerald

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