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#1. As long as you are good you will be great. But, if you cease to be good you will cease to be great. - Author: Henry D. Taylor
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#2. The story follows the whole family. But pretty much all the characters who are in jail have written a book about it, so you've got their perspective of it, however skewed they want you to see it. - Author: Marguerite Moreau
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#3. Virtue and learning, like gold, have their intrinsic value: but if they are not polished, they certainly lose a great deal of their luster: and even polished brass will pass upon more people than rough gold. - Author: Lord Chesterfield
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#4. Do not seek to be loved at any price, because Love has no price. - Author: Paulo Coelho
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#5. The Brahmins say that in their books there are many predictions of times in which it will rain. But press those books as strongly as you can, you can not get out of them a drop of water. So you can not get out of all the books that contain the best precepts the smallest good deed. - Author: Leo Tolstoy
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#6. Historical fiction is not only a respectable literary form; it is a standing reminder of the fact that history is about human beings. - Author: Helen Cam
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#7. Being an artist is more of a mindset, a way of seeing things; it is no longer so much about producing something. - Author: Ai Weiwei
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#8. V settled back against the pillows and measured the hard line of her chin.
"Take off your coat."
"Excuse me?"
"Take it off."
"I want it off."
"Then I suggest you hold your breath. Won't affect me in the slightest, but at least the suffocation will help pass the time for you. - Author: J.R. Ward
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#9. Apology is mankind's nearest course to perfection. - Author: Wes Fesler
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#10. I have important business to get to. I plan to sulk all afternoon, followed, perhaps, by an evening of Byronic brooding and a nighttime of dissipation. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#11. And, incidentally, tomato ketchup is not a vegetable." Sybil added. "Not even the dried stuff around the top of the bottle. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#12. We may divide characters into flat and round. - Author: E. M. Forster
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#13. There are people in your path just so you can be a blessing to them. Anytime you do good for others, you are sowing a seed for God to be good to you. - Author: Joel Osteen
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