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Top 10 Halloween Liquor Sayings

#1. I want to be a footballer - and that means playing on a Saturday afternoon. - Author: Charlie Adam
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#2. Passionate investment leaves us vulnerable to loss. And sometimes, no matter how clever we are, we must lose. - Author: Judith Viorst
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#3. Reading in the car was so much my personal journey that when my mother urged me to put down my book and look out the window, I would protest, But I just looked an hour ago! - Author: Gloria Steinem
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#4. I pass through this people and keep mine eyes open: they do not forgive me for do not envying their virtues. They bite at me, because I say unto them that for small people, small virtues are necessary - and because it is hard for me to understand that small people are necessary! - Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
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#5. All he wanted was to know what to expect. His world didn't look like he'd thought it would, and she understood. how could he keep calm if he couldn't see? - Author: Jennifer Close
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#6. He imagined forgiveness was like flying, that it made you soar. He imagined that it looked like an eagle, a silver bolt in the sky, that it was pure light. - Author: Christos Tsiolkas
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#7. Time rolls his ceaseless course. - Author: Walter Scott
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#8. What matters is entertainment. Eternity takes forever. The infinite expanse of time just does not know when to quit. The dead fear boredom the way mortals fear death. - Author: Catherynne M Valente
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#9. The one red leaf, the last of its clan,
That dances as often as dance it can,
Hanging so light, and hanging so high,
On the topmost twig that looks up at the sky. - Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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#10. When you start a show, the plans are not set in stone. They're really mutable, cocktail napkin sketches. - Author: Eric Kripke
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