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Top 15 Half Hearted Love Quotes

#1. When you break the promises, you loose the credibility. When you loose the credibility, you loose the trust. So, keep your promises, because trust is the foundation of soulfully inspired life. - Author: Vishwas Chavan
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#2. I'm European, small, dainty - but I actually consider myself more of a tomboy. - Author: Diane Kruger
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#3. One very clear memory I have of college is that I never learned anything in the big lectures. I have a feeling I'd have done even worse if they'd been on a laptop screen. - Author: Gail Collins
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#4. The fucking problem of all and everything is that I just forgot,... the message. - Author: Deyth Banger
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#5. One solitary God-centered, God-intoxicated man can do more to keep God's love alive and His presence felt in the world than a thousand half-hearted, talkative busy men living frightened, fragmented lives of quiet desperation. - Author: Robert McNamara
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#6. I am just a humble worker. Commander Chavez decided I should be president. To President Obama, we remember that young leader and of the workers of Chicago. So we have a different kind of relation. For him and John Kerry. We talked to Edward Kennedy. - Author: Nicolas Maduro
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#7. Yellow is my favorite, but what is yellow? Handmaiden to white, it is a slight tarnish of pure light. Take away a bit of whites absolute luminosity, and what remains is yellow
sunlike, golden as a crown, buttercups in a field, marsh marigolds, a finch's wing, a plastic flute. - Author: Richard Grossinger
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#8. There's no doubt about it ... I was born a feminist. - Author: Marlo Thomas
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#9. Journalism is the protection between people and any sort of totalitarian rule. That's why my hero, admittedly a flawed one, is a journalist. - Author: Andrew Vachss
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#10. What a piece of garbage this smart car is. There's a commercial - the smart car has zero percent interest for six years. Well, good, I got zero percent in six years in buying this smart car. I'll tell you that much. I mean, it's ridiculous. My buddy has a smart car, totaled it. He hit a deer tick. - Author: Larry The Cable Guy
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#11. Gentlemen, I would rather have written those lines than take Quebec tomorrow. - Author: James Wolfe
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#12. Wonderful. They had the rarest, most bewildering power in the world, and how did her family choose to use this incredible gift? To line their pockets with cash and go sightseeing. - Author: Alexandra Bracken
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#13. Are you fighting evil tonight? ... Then you are doing the Lord's work. Shut the fuck up. - Author: James R Tuck
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#14. The cross of Christ makes demands of us. It will not allow us to love the world and love Christ. It will not permit half-hearted devotion. If Christ is to live in you, sin and selfishness must be put to death. - Author: Mike McKinley
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#15. It is utterly forbidden to be half-hearted about gardening. You have got to love your garden whether you like it or not. - Author: W.C. Sellar
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