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Top 20 Gym Diet Sayings

#1. I'm going to the gym six days a week. I'm eating right. Well-balanced diet. I drink a juice smoothie every morning. - Author: Chumlee
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#2. I hate the gym, so I try to diversify my workouts with swimming and basketball. Indoors, it's less boring than running. I do find that diet is key. I eat lots of lean protein, no soda, no fast food or fried foods, and a lot of water. But I love food and often cook. - Author: Mike Colter
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#3. Throughout my life, I have tried to share my philosophy that getting and staying healthy doesn't have to feel like work. I don't diet or slave away in a gym - what I do is make excellent food choices. - Author: Suzanne Somers
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#4. I'm in the gym pretty much every day. I've been very strict about my diet during shooting. It all helps me bring as much authenticity to the role as I can. - Author: Jesse McCartney
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#5. In a broken marriage, it can be challenging and tough to get that work/life balance. I love performing but I also love being a mum, and I hate having to choose between them. - Author: Toni Braxton
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#6. I think when you're off the clock, you should be off the clock. - Author: Jennifer Aniston
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#7. Father and Ivy used to go off on their excursions, never knowing that I was relieved when they were gone. That I'd wear my nightgowns all day and read from dawn till dusk. - Author: Suzanne Palmieri
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#8. If you're trying to diet, what do you do? You grab your two friends and say, 'We're going to the gym; let's do this together.' Money shouldn't be any different. If you're trying to make progress, if you're trying to save more, we really need to be able to get support. - Author: Alexa Von Tobel
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#9. In future there will be no more designers. The designers of the future will be the personal coach, the gym trainer, the diet consultant, - Author: Philippe Starck
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#10. Manipulate your diet until you find something that works for you. I think people get bogged down with trying to go to the gym and doing too much cardio and lifting too much weight. Really, if you're eating well and eating at the right times, and consuming the right things, it's really helpful. - Author: Nick Youngquest
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#11. I go to the gym five days a week and I have a personal trainer. I am on a strict diet, which is kind of hard to keep up with on the road, but I stick to it as well as I can. - Author: Lou Gramm
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#12. I've just been growing right along. It's painful, but it's a great pain, and I like suffering for great results. It's like going to the gym. It hurts really bad at first, but after a couple of months and after that diet, you're looking so hot. - Author: Mary J. Blige
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#13. The diet industry is making a lot of money selling us fad diets, nonfat foods full of chemicals, gym memberships, and pills while we lose a piece of our self-esteem every time we fail another diet or neglect to use the gym membership we could barely afford. - Author: Portia De Rossi
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#14. I've had weight issues all my life. I've been on all the diets: Atkins, liquid protein, Scarsdale diet. Now I go to the gym often. I'm always on the StairMaster, and I do weights. - Author: Hoda Kotb
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#15. Nothing here is as it seems;
Dreams are truths, and truths are dreams.
Closed your ears to loved ones' cries;
Die if you believe your eyes.
Bind with ropes your flesh and blood,
And let your guide be made of wood. - Author: Emily Rodda
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#16. I can afford to say what I wish. - Author: J. Paul Getty
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#17. I freak out if I go a little too long without being in the gym. For a long time it was all about getting the weight off because I was 240 pounds at my heaviest, and now I'm around 175, so the majority of that weight loss was due to diet and exercise. - Author: Nick Carter
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#18. They loved God and their hearts were alive and there is nothing more gorgeous than that. - Author: Stasi Eldredge
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#19. I don't do the gym and I don't diet. I'm vegetarian but I don't diet. - Author: Pamela Anderson
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#20. He that saith he abideth in Him ought himself also to walk even as He walked. - Author: Charles M. Sheldon
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