Top 12 Guzzi Motorcycles Quotes

#1. I'll probably die by the time I reach 25. But I'll have lived the way I wanted to.

Sid Vicious

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#2. He breaks her waves on all his edges.

Gwen Calvo

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#3. I barely leave my cage, my house.

Kim Coates

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#4. An essential portion of any artist's labor is not creation so much as invocation. Part of the work cannot be made, it must be received; and we cannot have this gift except, perhaps, by supplication, by courting, by creating within ourselves that 'begging bowl' to which the gift is drawn.

Lewis Hyde

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#5. The campaigns and the models in them create the fantasy around the brand. It has always been about having strong images. Without that, we could not have gone into all the categories we did. It really has been the foundation from where the house of Guess was built.

Paul Marciano

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#6. Yes," Vorkosigan agreed, "I could take over the universe with this army if I could ever get all their weapons pointed in the same direction.

Lois McMaster Bujold

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#7. Where God's Spirit does not reign, there is no humility, and men ever swell with inward pride.

John Calvin

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#8. Normal was in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes the path to happiness involved bushwhacking and slicing and carving it until it yielded to individual desires. It wasn't simple, and there was no getting through it unscathed from the bleeding prick of thorns along the way.

Darien Cox

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#9. I always tell people, 'The music's free. I get paid to travel.'

Chris Stapleton

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#10. Genius is childhood recovered at will.

Charles Baudelaire

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#11. Reason clears and plants the wilderness of the imagination to harvest the wheat of art.

Austin O'Malley

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#12. It's so easy in these cabaret venues to get earnest.

Ana Gasteyer

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