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Top 28 Gun That Looks Quotes

#1. Sometimes good and evil aren't so much opposites as two sides of a coin. You toss it one way and it looks good, another way and it's evil, sometimes it just depends on which end of the gun you're on. - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
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#2. My right hand was sort of casually near my gun, without looking like I was reaching for my gun. It wasn't easy. Reaching for a gun usually looks like reaching for a gun. No one seemed to notice though. Goody for our side. - Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
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#3. When my kids started preschool, the teachers had to take away all the fake bananas because all the boys would pick them up and pretend that they were guns. Boys find sticks to play swords and anything that looks like a gun to shoot. It's just inside of them. It's who they are. - Author: Dean Norris
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#4. If a cream can give you confidence then you really have to check your whole confidence department in the first place. - Author: Freida Pinto
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#5. Nikki looks at me, confused. "What's wrong?"
I've got a gun stashed in my closet. "Nothin'. - Author: Simone Elkeles
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#6. Beatrice," she says. "Beatrice, we have to run." She pulls my arm across her shoulders and hauls me to my feet. She is dressed like my mother and she looks like my mother, but she is holding a gun, and the determined look in her eyes is unfamiliar to me. - Author: Veronica Roth
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#7. You get to go and play with the big boys, it's a very privileged thing for us to do. So I'm sure we have more ideas than what I actually have time for. - Author: Sam Worthington
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#8. Can't you just see it? Can't you see us with gray hair, sitting at those late night football games. I'll be the dad with one eye on my football playing sons, and the other on our daughter, who if she looks anything like you, I will need to carry a gun to fight off all of those horny teenage boys. - Author: Jennifer Foor
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#9. Your face never looks better than when you've got a gun in your hand and money under your ass. - Author: Karina Halle
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#10. The dead should have charity. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#11. How sad now never to see men holding hands, while everywhere one looks they are holding guns. - Author: Alice Walker
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#12. Life is a loaded gun
that looks right at you with a yellow eye. - Author: Billy Collins
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#13. Guns don't walk into a theater by themselves and shoot people. You have to look at who's behind it, who's behind the trigger? - Author: Kimberly Guilfoyle
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#14. I totally feel like an FBI agent right now, with my legs spread and my arms out straight, gripping the gun. I'll bet my butt looks awesome.
... I squint at the target, holding the gun like I've seen FBI guys do it in the movies. I am so badass. - Author: Elle Casey
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#15. My kingdom for a gun. (Geary)
You don't have a kingdom. (Brian)
And I don't have a gun- looks like I'm shit out of luck all the way around, huh? (Geary) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#16. There are certain things in gun control that have a certain public appeal, but when you're legislating you need to look at the research on what works, what doesn't, and what really has an impact, recognizing you're never going to do away entirely with gun violence - Author: Kim Campbell
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#17. I've been learning how to shoot a gun and properly handcuff people so that on the day I need to pull someone down to the ground, it looks and feels natural for me. - Author: Spencer Grammer
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#18. Don't ever look down, be comfortable with who you are, our flaws are what makes us perfect. - Author: Machine Gun Kelly
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#19. I defy anybody to not look cool with the guns. My granny could look cool doing that! - Author: Simon Pegg
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#20. If you take a look at the most fantastic schemes that are considered impossible: teleportation, warp drive, parallel universes, other dimensions, artificial intelligence, ray guns, you realize that they can be possible if we advance technology a little bit. - Author: Michio Kaku
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#21. I get it. You have the right to have guns. But look, let's forget that right. Let's forget the pleasure you get safely on your range, because it's in the wrong hands in other places. - Author: Matthew McConaughey
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#22. A poem is all that's left of my lost loneliness ...
It is like a window that looks into a swimming pool ...
Or an a empty gun indentation in velvet ...
And a baby gazelle given as a gift ... - Author: Chelsey Minnis
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#23. Black rose, black rose
Who's gonna be your only one?
Who's gonna keep you safe and warm?
Run, run my baby black rose
I'm gonna find you home. - Author: P.M. Highlanders
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#24. My children, Michael and Alex, are with our Heavenly Father now, and I know that they will never be hurt again. As a mom, that means more than words could ever say - Author: Susan Smith
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#25. The end of a gun looks very big and very back when it's staring you in the face. - Author: Lilith Saintcrow
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#26. I'm so confident that when I enter a coffee shop everyone immediately looks at my hands to see if I'm carrying a gun. - Author: Daniel Marques
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#27. The only birds I know about are the duck and the dove and the quail, birds that you shoot. You're not really supposed to shoot cardinals. I don't know if I'd shoot this bird. It looks pretty mean. This bird might pull a gun out and shoot right back at you. - Author: Josh McCown
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#28. Tom, you're with me. Bring the tranq gun, we don't want to kill her, but if she so much as looks funny in my direction, you're going to send her off to play with the magical pastel bunnies in the Shouldn't-Have-Fucking-Done-That Meadow. - Author: Mira Grant
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