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#1. And, of course, liberals see no problem with using the government to impose their cultural beliefs on others; they just won't admit that's what they're doing.

Jonah Goldberg

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#2. Collisions were collisions and couldn't be planned ...

J.R. Ward

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#3. Mistakes can't be erased, but they move you from your present position.

Richard Diebenkorn

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#4. Economics is not about things and tangible material objects; it is about men, their meanings and actions.

Ludwig Von Mises

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#5. The problem with Ireland is that it's a country full of genius, but with absolutely no talent.

Hugh Leonard

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#6. Even in parts of the showcase capital of Pyongyang, you can stroll down the middle of a main street at night without being able to see the buildings on either side.

Barbara Demick

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#7. It is best to have a strong curiosity, weak affiliations.

E.B. White

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#8. I could see it so clearly, the zygote- shiny and bulbous, filled with the electric memory of being two but now damned with the eternal loneliness of being just one. The sorrow that never goes away.

Miranda July

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#9. She'd had sex with a demon. Tayla swallowed bile and tried to keep her stomach from heaving. She needed to shower. And douche.

Larissa Ione

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