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Top 12 Guardians Of Childhood Quotes

#1. I am a leader. Leaders always get heat. They're always going against the grain. Jimi Hendrix got heat; Bob Marley got heat; Miles Davis got heat. Every great artist got heat. Heat means you're doing something right. - Author: Ziggy Marley
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#2. To understand creativity is to conquer the boundaries of time and space. - Author: William Joyce
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#3. Forgiveness is possible even when there is no restitution, no remorse on the part of the perpetrator. - Author: Virginia H. Pearce
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#4. You know, a daydream properly utilized can be the most powerful force in the universe. One need only dream of freedom to begin to break the spell of enslavement. - Author: William Joyce
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#5. If you're growing up in a chaotic world without reason, your instinct is to become a performer and control the circumstances around you. You lead from weakness into strength; you have an undefended back. - Author: John Le Carre
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#6. Mount Tamalpais became my house. For Cezanne, Sainte-Victoire was no longer a mountain. It was an absolute. It was painting. - Author: Etel Adnan
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#7. He never had been good at arguing with women; they tapped into pools of resentment over slights that had steeped for years. - Author: Martin Cruz Smith
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#8. Winners aren't popular, losers often are. - Author: Virginia Wade
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#9. I would support a devolution of power out of Washington for education, health care, transportation. - Author: Jim DeMint
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#10. Sometimes the only course of action is the lesser of two evils. - Author: Dan Brown
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#11. If it looks like a cat, walks like a cat, and has whiskers like a cat, it's probably a damn cat. But if it eats your groceries, messes up your kitchen, and makes you want to rip out your hair by the roots, you either married it or gave birth to it - Author: Lois Greiman
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#12. The whole calamity would be in one of those police reports that D. B. Sinclair and his "concerned citizens" filed carefully under "T" for "Things" at the back of a locked filing cabinet in the vehicle-licensing centre a day before a bonfire got accidentally out of control. - Author: Kate Griffin
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